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Focus on Italian-style bathrooms:  everything you need to know

Focus on Italian-style bathrooms: everything you need to know

Pauline, Self-taught DIYer, Leeds

Guide written by:

Pauline, Self-taught DIYer, Leeds

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An Italian-style bathroom is the height of appeal with its over-sized relaxation area, its stylish and relaxing atmosphere, and it's centerpiece: the shower of your dreams. How does one go about designing a beautiful Italian bathroom right at home? We take you through it, be it shower, the choice of furniture, the required work, or the decor, everything is here.

Important features

  • Italian shower
  • Wall-mounted furniture
  • Bidet
  • Decor
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Ideally located in a corner, a walk-in shower is surrounded by a large sheet of transparent or tempered glass.

To design a walk-in shower, you will need to excavate the ground level to integrate a waste kit, composed of the trap and pipes. You can then install a large rectangular shower tray or tile the floor, taking care to create a slope to facilitate the evacuation of water.

Here's an elegant idea for your decor: why not choose a granite floor for your shower tray?

To embellish the shower even more, you can also put in a real glass partition in the middle of a wall, creating a double entrance, both left and right.Finally, the cherry on top, a wall-mounted or rainshower head for an increased comfort. For even more convenience, these two elements are highly recommended:

  • A fixed showerhead, referred to as a rain shower, which can be square or rectangular. As indicated by it's name it's designed to feel like  "summer rain".
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Slide rail

While the walk-in shower is without a doubt the focal point for any Italian-style bathroom, the choice of furniture can also be important. What kind of furniture will create a roomy and pleasant space? Wall-mounted furniture!

With no feet, wall-mounted furniture is fastened to the wall and gives the impression of being weightless. Once secured with brackets and screws, these accessories very durable and have the advantage of making it easier to clean the floor.

Combined with a walk-in shower, wall-mounted furniture makes for a clean and uncluttered space. Available in both a matte or glossy version, with Italian-style doors and modern lines, it's easy to see why Italian-style bathroom are such a sought-after bathroom configuration. To finish the room in style, go for glass or metal design handles and either soft curves or pronounced angles, which ever best reflects your walk-in shower.

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Clean the floor

A very common appliciance in Italian-style bathrooms, the bidet is is still alive and kicking. Even if it is used less nowadays, it is very practical for everyday hygiene, for both body care or washing express laundry.

Top off your bidet with plastic, star-shaped faucets and add a crimson color for style. With these small accessories combining with the bidet's modern lines, it becomes a decorative object in its ownright. Some models can even integrate LED lights!

To stay true to the Italian theme, what could be more traditional than choosing marble? If this luxurious stone is too much for your budget, there are always imitation tiles or a matching piece of furniture.

For a stylish touch, you might consider a gluable wood panel, a stylish way to brighten up your Italian-style bathroom without breaking the bank.

When it comes to the walls, the decor will depend on several elements:

  • The tiles, first and foremost, which are available both plain, or with a pattern, to be placed centrally, eithervertically or horizontally;
  • The actualwall decor comes after the tiles and is composed using shelving (stagger one, two or three for example) and objects such as stylish candles, a bud vase or a silver-leaf glasses.

More generally, plain linen should be favored over exceedingly fancy models. Simplicity incurs elegance in this case.

It's up to you to use these tips to design your dream Italian-style bathroom, the perfect blend of relaxation and style. 

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Silver-leaf glasses
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Guide written by:

Pauline, Self-taught DIYer, Leeds, 125 guides

Pauline, Self-taught DIYer, Leeds

With a handyman-father, I grew up with the soft sound of the sander and hammer on weekends. I am both manual and cerebral, I learned the basics of DIY and the customisation of furniture because I was passionate. The salvage mentality is a true way of life that allowed me to know how to use all the tools and products needed to give something a second life, from a sander to varnish. I have two favourite activities: the transformation of old furniture and decoration tips. I am always ready to lend a helping hand to revamp a table or to restore a mirror that was intended for the tip that will become a friend’s centrepiece. I’m convinced that it’s possible to reinvent an interior by small, regular modifications and I constantly research low-cost ideas.

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