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Outdoor misting system buying guide

Outdoor misting system buying guide

Tess, painting & decorating consultant, Brighton

Guide written by:

Tess, painting & decorating consultant, Brighton

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Summer is finally here and if you're looking for a way to cool down there's no better option than an outdoor misting system! But there are many options to consider between flexible and patio misters, high or low pressure systems, and plastic or brass nozzles. Read on to find the right outdoor misting system for you.

Important features

  • Patio misters
  • Flexible misters
  • Garden shower misters
  • Large misters
  • High/low pressure
  • Nozzle quality
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If you want to enjoy your garden in the height of summer, there's no better solution than an outdoor mister to protect you on the hottest days. With a number of different types available you're sure to find the most effective model for you. Here are some of the most common types on the market:

  • patio misters;
  • flexible misters;
  • freestanding misters;
  • garden mist showers;
  • large misting systems;

But before you make your choice, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • where you plan to install the system;
  • low pressure vs. high pressure misters;
  • brass, stainless steel or plastic nozzles;
  • number of nozzles;
  • non-drip systems;
  • timers;
  • material quality;
  • functions: e.g. misting fans.

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Outdoor misting fans

Patio misters are designed to hang along the edge of your roof to cool down patios or decks. Easy to use, these systems can be connected to a hose or outdoor tap. The length of a patio misting system can vary with the largest systems stretching to 15 metres to cover your entire patio or decking area.

Some models can even be extended to cover larger spaces. These economical systems do not use a lot of water and are designed to send out a fine mist to cool you down without soaking you!

Portable misters

Also known as cobra or portable misters, a flexible mister can be used in many different ways. These misters can be shaped and twisted around any object including chairs, fence posts and beams. You can even set up your mister over the swimming pool, wrap it around a sun lounger or keep it by your side as you garden!

Freestanding misters

Easy to move around and install, freestanding misters are mounted on a pole and are designed to release a fine mist. With these models, it's not as easy to change the direction of the mist and the mist is released at a greater height.

Garden mist showers are overhead misting systems that also work also work as showers depending on the mode you choose. These misting systems can reach up to two metres and are really easy to install.

Like many misters, a garden mist shower simply needs to be connected to an outdoor tap or a garden hose. These misters usually feature weighted feet for extra stability.

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Garden hoses

Large scale or commercial misting systems are designed to cover more extensive areas. They are usually made up of several hoses which are fed throughout the garden.

Ideal for cooling down a kids play area or a lounge spot around your garden furniture this is the perfect solution to keep the whole family cool!

Low pressure misters usually make up low end ranges. The droplets produced by low pressure misters are larger than those released by high pressure misters. These misters still technically release mist, but they do tend to get the surfaces around them a bit wetter. That said, they are more affordable.

High pressure misters release tiny droplets for a more intense cooling effect. What's more, they don't tend to wet the surfaces surrounding them as much as low pressure models. These devices are more expensive to buy but offer a much longer service life as they are made using high-quality materials.

It is very important to check the quality of the nozzles before buying as well as the amount of nozzles featured along the hose line. If you want to invest in a product that lasts, be sure to check what the nozzles are made of.

  • Plastic nozzles: while ideal for tighter budgets these nozzles do have a limited service life. Plastic doesn't cope well with UV rays or heat and will eventually crack and break.
  • Brass nozzles: much more resistant, brass doesn't expand and contract in the sun. However, it may rust over time.
  • Stainless steel nozzles: this is the high end option for misting systems. Stainless steel is strong and durable. Very hardwearing, it won't rust and won't lose its shape.

Some nozzles are fitted with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the flow rate of the mister. If you're looking for a little more from your misting system, make sure to check that the nozzles are non-drip to prevent water loss from the nozzles; this type of system is designed to stop the mister from letting out large droplets as it is switched on and of. A timer is ideal for setting specific run times.

Outdoor misting fans combine air and mist for a superior cooling effect! As the name suggests, these devices move the air around like a conventional fan, but they also release mist for those boiling hot days. What's more these fans can usually also be used indoors.

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Guide written by:

Tess, painting & decorating consultant, Brighton, 63 guides

Tess, painting & decorating consultant, Brighton

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