Let us infuse a little fun into the lives of your closest companions. Specialising in carriers, grooming equipment, beds & more to create a real ‘’pet friendly’’ space and give the comfort that your pets deserve. Use PawHut to see what is possible with our expanded pet supply for birds, rabbits and even chickens.



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  • Cat tree
  • Hutches
  • Dog Beds and Mats
  • Dog agility
  • Bicycle accessories for dogs
  • Dog Crates
  • Carrying bag for dogs
  • Cage for small pets
  • Cat igloo and cave beds
  • Cat scraper
  • Dog diaper
  • Pens and enclosure
  • Tray and toilet for cats
  • Cat beds and baskets
  • Dog gates
  • Kennels
  • Kitchen stepladder and step stools
  • Travel crates for dogs and cats
  • Autres jouets pour chat
  • Cat transport bag
  • Dog grooming accessories
  • Dog stairs and steps
  • Hen house
  • Nesting boxes and feeders
  • Various
  • Birdcage
  • Cages for bird
  • Car accessories for dogs
  • Cat litter
  • Cat scratching posts and towers
  • Coats for Dogs
  • Dog training accessories
  • Kids teepee
  • Outdoor dog runs and pens
  • Perch for birds
  • Safety gates
  • Windbreak and privacy netting
  • Windbreak and privacy netting, brushwood screening, and fencing
  • Wire fencing
  • and fencing
  • brushwood screening

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