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215-320mm Heavy Duty Support Pedestal for Decking - Wallbarn

Reference: ME9269286

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215-320mm Heavy Duty Support Pedestal for Decking - Wallbarn


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Wallbarn's TD Mega Pads are heavy duty pedestals designed to hold suspended decking systems which require greater weight tolerances and higher clearances. They support timber joists, which create a framework on which decking boards are mechanically fastened.

Wallbarn has the greatest range of height of pedestals in UK.


Over 10 years' sales history in UK.

Fast and easy to install.

Millimetre precise adjustments in height.

Lockable height. Once the desired height is achieved, use the locking nuts to top and bottom of the thread to prevent unwinding over time.

Massive weight tolerance per unit, tested at Minus 40°C. Even flat roofs are built to a fall to allow adequate drainage.

TD Megapads help to achieve a better aesthetic when building decking surfaces by allowing flatter upper surfaces but allowing rainwater to drain between and under the deck boards and timber joists. This means there is less standing water on the surface. The cavity created helps to ventilate the structure and as no timber is left in permanent standing water, the lifespan of the decking is extended. The cavity also allows services such as pipes and cables to be hidden from view.

Wallbarn recommends that TD Megapads should be positioned a maximum of 600mm apart. This is a semi-suspended system – the timber joists will sit between 60mm wide positioning lugs / fins. The joists should be strong enough to support the decking and the weight of any traffic / furniture. The joists should be connected to form a grid framework and the deck boards – the surface – should be mechanically fixed to the frame.

Changes to height can be made whilst the timber joists are in place. This means less cutting of timber as the pedestals adjust to fit the levels, which saves a great deal of mess, time and labour during installation. TD Megapads are available in heights from 10mm up to 1,020mm.

They are manufactured from polypropylene and can tolerate 2 tonnes in weight per unit. They will not become brittle in low temperatures. Megapads have been tested using the CATAS procedure for Compressive Strength at +20°C and - 40°C. See technical data below for details.

A range of different lug size, slope correctors, levelling shims and accessories are available for use with TD Megapads from Wallbarn.

Technical Information

Material: Virgin fibre injection moulded polypropylene

Weight Tolerance: Maximum Load 20,713 N = 2,057kg

End of Linear Behaviour at 15,300N = 1,560kg

Max Temperature: Plus 75° C

Min Temperature: Minus 40°C

Base Plate Diameter: 200mm

Headpiece Diameter: 150mm

Distance Between Lugs / Fins: 60mm

Height of Fins: 16mm

  • Brand WALLBARN
  • Height Fixed
  • Warranty 10 years
  • ManoMano Reference ME9269286
  • SKU SP-TD-MEG-215-Z

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