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300cm Caulking fabric for windows for mobile air conditioner and tumble dryer - works with all mobile air conditioning units, easy installation

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Finish The intrusive hot air - The HOOMEE window gasket moves the hot air strewn by the hose from your mobile air conditioner by blocking it between the window frame and the window itself. Our window seal prevents unwanted guests and the rain from entering and offers a "closed environment" that keeps your room for longer.

Increases cooling performance - Enjoy an environment cooler in summer thanks to! Our product seals the contours of your window even when it is open. It encircles the air conditioning vent pipe and blocks the warm air return, allowing your mobile air conditioning unit to be more efficient and cool your room faster.

Reduces the Energy consumption - Earth! This window seal helps reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, which is particularly important in summer due to the massive use of air conditioners. By preventing the hot air from circulating in your room, the window seal allows you to save money on your electricity bills!

Easy installation - without drill. All you need is supplied with your windows! Just apply the adhesive tape inside the window frame and on the window. Attach the caulking fabric to the adhesive tape. Then, open the zipper and place the hose from your air conditioner out of the window. Finally, close and tighten the zipper around the pipe. It's as simple as that.

Universal- Suitable for all portable air conditioners and tumble dryers, regardless of the manufacturer. Whether windows open to the left or to the right, tilting windows or skylights, the window seal will do the trick. This product is suitable for windows of a maximum perimeter of 300 cm.

Say goodbye to the hot air and enjoy a cool breeze!

The insulation fabric Prevents hot air evacuated by air conditioning to return to your home. Thus, your living room, your office and your bedroom cool down more quickly and stay fresh longer. Enjoy the high quality material that constitutes this window seal for many weeks to come. This isolation fabric is water repellent and prevents the rain from entering your home when allowing the open window. In addition, it also prevents the undesired guests from visiting you.

For tips and information about how to choose the right size of the insulation fabric adapted to your window and to find out how the 'Install correctly, view our video insulation fabric installation video

Waterproof and top quality

The insulation fabric prevents moisture and protects from the rain

The zippers are high quality and are incorporated into the fabric

The adhesive tape is sewn firmly with the insulation fabric for window

what is the good Size for my window?

For double-swing windows, calculate the perimeter of a single beating only.

Choose the size of the closet cloth closest to the dimension measured. For example. a + b + c + d = 280 cm, the right size is 300 cm

Identify both sides of the insulation fabric

Install the insulation fabric flat on a Table.

The blue curved portion is the wider side of the insulation fabric.

The green right part is the narrow side.

The point Red Indicates the center of the insulation tissue

Note: For double-walled windows, keep a closed flyer and install the insulation fabric on the second beating that must be leveraged!

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