330-365mm Timber Decking Support Pedestal - Wallbarn

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330-365mm Timber Decking Support Pedestal - Wallbarn


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TD adjustable pedestals from Wallbarn offer the perfect solution for installation of perfectly flat timber decking on balconies, terraces and roof decks.

Fixing timber decking is fast, easy and more durable using TD adjustable pedestals. It is a suspended system, the joists sit on the pedestals and the deckboards are mechanically fixed to the joist framework.

Instead of cutting timber joists to cover falls in the deck, simply twist the telescopic stems to change the height of the frame, creating a flat, level surface on which to fix the deckboards.

It is essential that the timber does not lay directly on the subdeck as it can damage the waterproofing membrane. The baseplates on the TD adjustable pedestals provide good weight distribution. Surface drainage is improved and none of the timber will be be held in standing water which extends the lifespan of the decking.

The headpiece of the TD pedestals has joist peg fittings placed 40mm and 60mm apart. The joists sit between these pegs.

Wallbarn recommends that TD adjustable pedestals are placed maximum 600mm apart.

TD Adjustable pedestals for decking are available in heights from 25mm up to 380mm. They are manufactured from polypropylene and can tolerate up to 1 tonne in weight per unit. They will not become brittle in low temperatures. ASP pedestals have been tested using the CATAS procedure for Compressive Strength at +20°C and - 40°C. See technical data below for details.

For roofs built to falls where levels change by a very small or irregular amount, where there is a continuous fall over a large area, or where there are multiple and complicated changes in the fall and levels across the roof – then TD adjustable pedestals are the perfect tools.

Technical Information

Material: Virgin fibre injection moulded

Weight Tolerance: Maximum Load 11,493 N = 1,171kg

End of Linear Behaviour at 6,700N = 683kg

Max Temperature: Plus 75° C

Min Temperature: Minus 40°C

Base Plate Diameter: 200mm

Headpiece Diameter: 120mm

Peg / Lug Height: 18mm

Distance Between Pegs / Lugs: 40mm and 60mm

  • Brand WALLBARN
  • Kind Plate
  • Height Fixed
  • Use Ledger board (wood, composite)
  • Warranty 10 years
  • ManoMano Reference ME9269275
  • SKU SP-TD-330-Z