350g / 500g Cotton Pool Filter Balls Swimming Pool Aquarium Cleaning Water (500g Filter Balls)

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Package Included:
1 Pack x Filter Balls

Material: Cotton Material
Weight: 350g / 500g (optional )
Type: Filter & agrave;?ball
Quantity: 1 bag
Strength: 4-6 grams / denier
Acid resistance: 35% HCL
Moisture absorption rate;?(20 & # 8451; RH65%): 0.4- -0.5%

1. Widely used;?in circulating water bypass filtration, advanced treatment?domestic water, boiler feed water treatment, reverse osmosis pre-filtration, wastewater reuse filtration.?
2. & nbsp; Suitable for coarse, medium and fine filtration of oily wastewater re-injection from oilfields and effluent treatment of wastewater from oilfields ; trolifers and refineries;?
3. & nbsp; It is suitable for recycling and filtration treatment of various industrial circulating water and domestic water and wastewater in iron and steel, thermoelectricity, construction shipbuilding, papermaking, medicine, chemical industry, textiles, food, drink, tap water, swimming pool, etc.?
4. & nbsp; Suitable for pure water treatment, sea water, brackish water desalination, centralized water supply project, water treatment project urban wear, etc.?

1 Transition: 1cm = 10mm = 0.39inch 1g = 0.001kg = 0.0022lb = 0.035oz
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