3PCS Pet Cat Nail Clipper Scissors for Animals Cats

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" With a nail clipper for professional dogs, it is practical and hygienic. It not only avoids the possibility of cross-infectious diseases, but also accelerates and ensures the accomplishment of "work" without hurting the animal. Why not? features: Comes with 3 pairs of nail scissors. Specially designed for pets use. When your pets' nails are growing longer, they will feel pain while they are walking. So this clipper is a good choice for your pet. the action of the spring of long duration and durable. Easy, safe and convenient to use. Do not cut the nail too deeply. Characteristics: Name: Pet Nail Scissors Main material: Stainless steel Nail scissors Length: 12 cm Suitable for: Dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals with long nails Package size: 13 * 8 * 5cm Package Weight: 48g Advice: 1. If your pet is afraid of cutting the toenails, you can find another friend to hold the animal, and you can focus on cutting the toenails. 2. Cut your toenails every two to three weeks. 3. Clean the nail clipper with a disinfectant after each nail clipper. List of packages: 3 * Nail scissors "


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