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5 Litre GALLUP HI-ACTIV Strongest Ind Strength Glyphosate 490g/L Weed Killer

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Glyphosate Amenity Weedkiller

Kills most broadleaved weeds and grasses in amenity and industrial situations, forestry

Rain proof within 1-2 hours of spraying

For use only as a herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds in stubbles, set aside, orchards, forestry, and non-crop areas, and for pre-harvest use in cereals, oilseed rape and linseed.

Key benefits of GALLUP 490 HI AKTIV

Excellent performance
Non-selective industrial weed killer, non-residual
Flexible application rates FOR A GENERAL USE MIX 20/30 MLS INTO 1LT OF WATER
Wide range of applications
Controls a wide variety of annual and perennial weed species
Systemic activity gives effective control of roots, shoots and leaves.
this works by spraying on to the weed, the weed then takes the weedkiller into its system, killing the roots and then killing the weed so it can not come back

Excellent rain fastness
Non-selective, non-residual
Concentrated formulation reducing application rates and saving time
Non-hazardous COSHH assessment
Flexible application rates
Fully wetted formulation means no need for additional surfactants
Controls a wide variety of annual and perennial weed species
Systemic activity gives effective control of roots, shoots and leaves

Safe Use of Pesticides

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