700g Pack Filter Ball Water Purification Fiber Deoiler Swimming Pool Spa

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700g Pack Filter Ball Water Purification Fiber Deoiler Swimming Pool Spa


Package Included:
700g x Filter Ball

1. Name: Pool Filter Balls
2. Model: C04432
3. Material: Polyester (filter ball)
4. Color: white
5. Size (approx): 45-50mm
6. Adsorption rate: 98 (%)
7. Anti-stress: 4 (kgf)
8. Density: 0.1 (g / cm3)
9. Porosity: 86 (%)
10. Wear rate: 1
11. Hardness: 1
12. Chemical composition: C
13. Soluble rate of hydrochloric acid: 1 (%)
14. Density: 1.38kg / m3
15. Filter speed: 25-30m / h
16. Filling density: 60-80kg / kg
17. Pollution load: 6-15kg / m3
18. Specific surface: 3000m2 / m3
19. Porosity: 96%
20. filter ball: 700g

1. Suitable for any agricultural environment (sea water , fresh water, hot spring / swimming pools / filtration chamber).
2. They can be used to filter sand in swimming pools. Their filtration results are more accurate because they can filter particles as small as 1.5 microns in pool water. The use of filter balls can significantly improve the quality and hygiene of the swimming pool. .
3. The filter balls have good water permeability and good breathability.
4. Does not contain toxic and harmful substances, will not affect water quality.
5. Durable and resistant to cleaning, can be reused, dirt can be washed off.
6. New generation filtration material for swimming pools, replaces sand.
7. Excellent filtration of microparticles
8. Made of polyethylene and machine washable.
9. Performance: acid resistance, high temperature resistance, alkali resistance

Working standards
* In according to the amount of water and the turbidity of the precipitation water in order to properly control the filtration rate, ensure that the filtered water, if the water is too big, will affect the performance of the ball filter fiber.
* Every hour, hour of observation, pH value, turbidity, residual chlorine, pressure drop, indicate the correct program of e daily production.
* Responsible for the fiber ball filter and the accident of opening, closing and flushing.
* Do level maintenance, with two repair work of the filter to maintenance and participation fiber ball.
And schedule, one or two pumping stations and capture, keep in close contact with alum operating personnel, adjust the operating time. Use a fiber optic ball filter to visualize the duty cycle of situation conditions, temperature, pH, corrosive components, etc.

Product Description
Pool Fiber Ball is a new generation filtering material for swimming pools, ideal to replace the sand traditionally used.Fiber Ball is made of polyethylene.The mixture of fibers guarantees, in addition to a minimum size and weight, an excellent level of filtration of microparticles Unlike sand, it does not harden or form lumps during use, it is easy to handle due to its low weight, does not deteriorate or damage gaskets, is resistant to chemicals used in swimming pools, is durable and machine washable.

  • Brand AUGIENB
  • Type of product Strainer filter
  • Warranty 2 years
  • ManoMano Reference ME20096726
  • SKU AGTC04432