(750 ml)?(stainless steel) 1/10 / 12 / 20pcs Premium Shaker Barware Set Cocktail Shaker Kit Milk Tea Drink Mixer Bartender Martini Bar Set with optional stand (1PCS only Shaker)

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& # 12304; QUALITY PERFORMANCE & Eacute;?SUP & Eacute; RIEURE & # 12305;?Sturdy and high quality bar kit, rustproof. & Nbsp; Unlike similar products which rust easily, the whole set of this set & nbsp;?cocktail is made?Made of the highest quality stainless steel. Everything is dishwasher safe, so forget about the wear and tear with these bar supplies.?superior guarantee.?
SLEEK BRACKET FOR DISPLAY AND STORAGE?Attracting the attention of your customers has never been;?as easy. & nbsp; With this stylish wooden stand, you will be able to proudly display your cocktail kit, thus enhancing your interior decoration. & nbsp; Not only that, this stand has t & eacute;?carefully designed to guard your bar & agrave;?safe from scratches, organized & oacute;?and accessible & agrave;?anytime - No more messing around in your kitchen drawers and cabinets.?
& # 12304; A GIFT EVERYBODY WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE & # 12305;?Wouldn't you get excited a stylish bar set + a stylish wooden stand + cocktail recipe cards, all wrapped up?in a stylish gift box. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, Christmas, Father's Day or any other occasion, your recipient will be delighted like a child in a candy store! & nbsp; The one they will remember.?

Material: Stainless Steel
Type: 1pc 750ml Shaker, 10pcs Set, 12pcs Set, 24pcs Set

Package 1 :
1X 750ml Shaker & agrave;?Cocktail

Pack 2:
1X 750ml Shaker & agrave;?Cocktail
1X Spoon & agrave;?Mix
1X Muddler
1X Pliers & agrave;?Ice Cream
1X Colander
1X Jigger
1X Corkscrew
2X Pourers
1X Holder

Pack 3:
1X 750ml Cocktail Shaker
1X Spoon?Mix
1X Muddler
1X Pliers & agrave;?Ice Cream
1X Cr & eacute; pine
1X Jigger
1X Corkscrew
2X Pourers
2X Corks
1X Holder

Package 4:
4 x Pourers & agrave;?Liqueur
4 x Caps
1 x Holder
1 x Colander
1 x Shaker & agrave;?Cocktail
1 x Pierre & agrave;?Whiskey
1 x Muddler
1 x Capper
1 x Spoon
2 x Brusher
1 x Tongs?Ice Cream
1 x Double Jigger
1 x Screw & agrave;?cap

- Please see a difference from 1 & agrave;?3cm due to manual measurement.?
- Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding . & nbsp;



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