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Artificial Plant Artificial Flower Simulation Bonsai Plus Pink Small Plant Spherical Pot House Window Wedding Decoration (Plus Plant In Acne Grass Pot)

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Material: Plastic flower

Type: Bouquet

Color: Golden Eucalyptus with five branches, Ginkgo Biloba Golden.

Choose artificial flowers and plants to embellish the room, the benefits are many

1. Strong plasticity, green and environmental protection

The raw materials of artificial flowers mainly include: plastic products, silk products, polyester products and resinous clay materials. In addition, metal rods, glass tubes, blown paper, fiber wire, decorative paper and ribbons are used these materials do not have pollution or little pollution. Due to the high elasticity of the material, it can be associated with models of heights and special shapes, and it can be kept green, breaking the limit of authenticity. The image is realistic, living and alive, which is quite comparable to flowers and plants planted.

two. Little impact on the environment

Nowadays, most public places and offices use air conditioning, and inner light is often insufficient. Therefore, it is not an easy task of planting a plant inside, but artificial flowers can easily reach the lens of artificial flowers and plants but for a long time, it keeps the colors bright and the four Seasons are the same.

Three. Easy to maintain

The branches and leaves of artificial flowers do not mold, do not rot, do not need to be watered and do not generate mosquitoes; Flowers and artificial plants do not need to be cultivated manually, which avoids the problems of watering, size, and foundry; There is no side effect of accidental ingestion by children, which is very suitable for families with children and the elderly, but the husband and the woman both work;

Four. Most artificial flowers and plants are not expensive

Some of them are much lower than true flowers and herbs, and are practical to transport and easy to handle: when you need to change The design, group up

The combination can change different atmospheres. It is suitable for the beautification of the environment of mass families and it is sustainable.

About the production process and knowledge associated with artificial flowers

1. The process of producing artificial flowers

l. Most are silk drawn, silk fabric, plastic, etc.

2. The high simulation flower has a realistic effect because of the dough, and the side of the silk fabric is not easy to plush, so the cost of production is more expensive.

3. Semi-manual and semi-machine carefully manufactured.

two. How to buy artificial flowers

L. silk flowers, if silk flowers are not pasted, the price is usually relatively affordable, but the color and style are more general.

2. The simulation of the art of the flowers of the glued, the art of flowers is not easy to lose its shape, the ribs of the leaves are not easy to wire, easy to maintain, and the style is unique and realistic

Three, how to maintain

1. Falling ashes: Simulated flowers that have been reduced in pulp can be washed with water, dried with a low temperature hairdryer and can be exposed to the sun.

2. Discoloration: Avoid direct light or direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. Even expensive clothes will fade under the sun.

Four, How to organize the flowers

1. It is recommended to use dried flowers mud and tools for floral composition. The dried flowers thus purchased can be carved according to the height of the vase.

2. Floral arrangement style: there are different styles of illustration, including the style of scale, the overlapping style, stacked style, focus style, group style, cluster style, Flat style, such as: pink / eyelet / sunflower / sunflower / It is recommended to group asparagus and other dried artificial flowers. Usually, the floral composition in clusters is relatively simple at home. One species or two species or more artificial flowers can be inserted with good results

3. Color matching: For flowers inserted in the same vase, it is recommended that color matching is not too high, otherwise it is easy to cause dazzling disadvantages, usually 1 to 3 types of color matching are suitable.

1. Advantages of false flowers

Strong plasticity, ecological environmental protection, low environmental impact, simple maintenance, practical transport, easy and durable handling

2. Decoration space

The colors are bright, living room, dining room, bedroom, a bouquet of flowers will give people a peaceful and elegant visual pleasure. It is close to nature and shows the beauty of static electricity in the noise of the city

The feeling is cultivated again.

61. Form

When flowers bloom, it is inevitable that people feel a little melancholy. With artificial flowers, these problems can be easily resolved. It is understood that today's artificial flowers are mainly characterized by a high simulation and high quality, and they are undoubtedly a good choice for people allergic to pollen.


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