Bathroom Bath Filler Mixer Tap Square Brass Deck Mounted Chrome Lever Modern

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•  Modern bath mixer tap designed to add class and style to any bath
•  Made from solid brass for added durability and pleasant ergonomics
•  Finished with multiple layers of chrome plating for a stylish aesthetic
•  Compatible with all kinds of plumbing systems
•  Comes equipped with all the necessary fixtures and mountings
•  10 year guarantee as standard   What makes the perfect bath? A relaxing bubble blend? The invigorating aroma of scented candles? A glass of vintage wine? The hotly-anticipated season finale to your favourite TV series? Maybe just a good book? While all this regalia can certainly enhance your bathing experience, none of them would make a difference without getting the basics right. That’s why it’s imperative your bath and all its fittings – from the taps to the plughole – are not only functional and efficient, but complement the aesthetic of your bathroom to achieve maximum relaxation during your soak in the suds.

With that in mind, the Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Mixer Tap is the ideal choice for any homeowner looking to replace a faulty bath tap unit, upgrade a tired or flagging one or simply install a brand-new addition to their beautiful new bathroom. Made from hard-wearing solid brass, the unit is a sturdy and steadfast asset to any home that will last for years to come. What’s more, the weighty feel that the material imparts to the unit is pleasing to the touch, ensuring you know that you’re in full control of the flow and temperature of the water pouring into your tub. Its square-edged design is ultra-modern and will instantly transform any existing bathtub into a sleek and chic vision of the future.

With several layers of chrome plating added to the brass base, the tap is sure to catch the eye of any guests to your home and even keep turning your own head with its shiny, sophisticated appearance. Furthermore, the multi-layered finish not only protects the unit from discolouration and discourages the build-up of limescale, mildew and any other unwanted detritus, but also makes it an absolute doddle to clean. Simply wipe with a moist cloth and voila! The smooth, reflective surface will sparkle as vibrantly and stunningly as the day it was purchased.

The two lever design eliminates any confusion around how to control temperature and flow, allowing bathers to achieve their optimum temperature without all the unnecessary fiddling and fussing that bath time sometimes involves. When facing forwards, the taps are in an off position; to increase the pressure to the desired level simply move them outwards. The left tap controls hot water, while the right regulates cold. Simple! The unit itself is compatible with every kind of plumbing system available, so there’s no need to worry about a seamless integration into your home, and its quarter-turn ceramic disc technology has the added bonus of increasing longevity as well as making the operation of the tap a pleasant experience.

Every purchase of an Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Mixer Tap comes with a superb ten-year guarantee – so there’s nothing left to do but lie back, relax and sink beneath the bubbles.  

Bath Mixer Tap 

A lot of properties still feature separate taps for hot and cold water. They take up a lot of space around the edge of your bath and make it difficult fill. We’ve all been there, trying to adjust each tap to get a happy medium! You can easily avoid this hassle with a bath mixer tap. They connect both your hot and cold feed to the same tap body, feeding it out of one spout after it’s been mixed within. They’re easy to control, allowing you to get your desired water temperature for a perfect soak.  

Twin Lever Taps

Finely tuning the perfect water temperature can sometimes be a bit tricky. Adjusting the lever bit by bit is frustrating and unnecessary especially when a twin lever tap can do this for you much more efficiently. One lever controls the hot and the other the cold to bring perfect harmony to your bathroom.  

Reliable Ceramic Cartridges

Are dripping taps starting to drive you crazy? Drip, drip, dripping at all hours of the day? If this sounds familiar then you need to upgrade! This stylish tap contains a ceramic cartridge which provides long-lasting reliability and a smoother quarter-turn action for easier operation. It's never been easier to acheive the temperature and flow you need!  

Solid Brass Body

Is your bathroom feeling a bit tired and worn out? Is the quality of the previous owners taps lacking? A good quality, long-lasting tap needs to be made from a good quality, long-lasting material. And that material is brass. This tap is made from solid brass, precision machined to work flawlessly, and finished to an impeccable standard. It will give you bathroom an expensive, high-quality feel that won’t be beaten.    

Polished Chrome Finish

If your old taps are starting to tarnish and no amount of chrome cleaner is bringing them back to life then you really deserve to refresh them. Old, well-used taps can really let down the overall look of your bathroom so bring yours back to life with a simple swap. This particular tap will bring a new element of style to your bathroom with it’s gorgeous, polished chrome finish. Pair it with some new accessories for the perfect contemporary look.  

Modern Square Styling

Take the overall appearance of your bathroom to a new level by improving the look of your taps. This tap is the perfect complement for your modern bathroom with striking looks, square edges, and a contemporary design to suit any space you have.  

10 Year Guarantee as Standard

High-quality parts and precision engineering put these products together and we want you to be confident of that, so to put your mind at ease we cover you with a 10 year long guarantee.  




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