BBQ-Toro Apple Smoker Chips Apple Smoker Chips | 400 g | smoke intensive smoker

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BBQ-Toro Apple Smoker Chips | 400g | Smoker Chips for Gas Grill, Smoker, BBQ

A MUST for every Smoker!

The smoking chips made from apple wood give your barbecue food an intense aroma. The smoker chips are ideal for fish, poultry, vegetables, pork and beef.

The smoking chips have a uniform grain size of 10 to 30 mm for a long-lasting smoked flavour that works on any grill. Whether smoker, gas grill, electric grill or charcoal grill, the smoking chips are versatile and easy to use. The low humidity of the grill chips allows a long burning time and ensures intensive smoke development. This results in a uniquely mild, sweet and slightly sweet smoke aroma.

The smoking chips are made from the wood of selected apple trees. The aroma of the wood chips is solely due to the apple wood, which is intensively shaped over several years during the ripening process. Just a handful of smoker chips is enough to give your barbecue food an intensive aroma. Thanks to the resealable packaging, the aroma is preserved for a long time.

- Unique mild, sweet and slightly sweetish aroma
- Wood type: apple wood
- Grain size: 10 - 30 mm
- Reclosable
- Long burning time due to low residual moisture
- Intense smoke development
- Made from selected apple trees
- Goes well with: meat, poultry, fish and vegetables
- Ideal for: Smoker, gas barbecue, electric barbecue or charcoal barbecue
- Scope of supply: 1x Apple smoking chips
- Branded product from BBQ-Toro


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