Bosch GKT55GCE 110v 165mm Plunge Saw + LBOXX Case + 2 x 1.6m Guide Rail + Bag +

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Precision and Power for a Clean Cut

Clean, precise cuts due to high-quality machine components, precision saw blade and matching guide rail system.
Comfortable work, especially indoors, due to highly efficient dust extraction and noise-reduced saw blade.
Adjustable speed, powerful 1400 watt motor and Constant Electronic for cutting different materials such as wood, panel materials, aluminium and acrylic glass.
Exact setting of cutting angle and depth for precise work results.

This plunge saw is designed and devloped by Mafell in conjunction with Bosch.

Spindle lock
Constant Electronic
Dust extraction
Overload protection
Smooth start
Compatible with guide rail

Comes with Bosch's 0615990EE8 FSN 1600 Professional Plunge Saw Guide Rail Kit 1600mm in a Carry Bag.

Rail Technology for Exact Guidance

Precise guidance – rails are exactly straight, even when the rail is extended, due to self-aligning connecting piece.
Stable extension – due to the VEL connector for stable and quick connection of guide rails.
Safe operation – anti-splinter guard for clean cut edges and adhesive tapes for non-slip handling.


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About The Brand

In 1886, Robert Bosch, a 25-year-old German engineer, founded an electrical engineering company in Stuttgart. He was returning from a long professional trip to the United States that had led him to work for Thomas Edison, one of the greatest engineers in history. Bosch improved the ignition magnet the following year, to be the first to adapt it to a car engine. This innovation allowed him to develop his business at a steady pace. In the 1920s, he converted his company from automotive supplier to electronics manufacturer. The company has been able to distinguish itself from other brands of DIY power tools by aiming for long-term and high-end, from its famous green drill to complex products such as rippers or garden tools (sculpts -hays, chainsaws ...). This was the success we know. Bosch currently employs 280,000 people worldwide and generates 46 billion euros in sales. Bosch spends up to 10% of its turnover on R & D, a rare effort in the industry. 92% of the capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is held by a charitable foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH. Thus the profits of the company are donated to this foundation. The remaining 8% of capital is held by the descendants of Robert Bosch's family.