Chicken Breading Table Electric Fried Chicken Breading Table Commercial Kitchen

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Commercial Chicken Breading Table, Electric Fried Chicken Breading Table

Large stainless steel commercial breading table with bowls, ideal for use in
busy kitchens.

Fully built and ready for immediate use, this unit is designed for professional
and commercial kitchen use.

This breading table is extremely well built and perfect for busy restaurants,
takeaways and catering establishments.

Made from hi-quality stainless steel , hygienic and easy to clean.


Colour: Silver

Material: stainless steel

Size: 80*70* 77-96cm

Thickness of the Square Basin: 0.8mm

Thickness of the Round Basin: 1.0mm

Thickness of Bottom Placement Table: 0.6mm


1 * Breading table


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