Click New Media Secondary Telephone Module in Black (MM465BK)

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The Click New Media range encompasses a wide range of media and power modules providing a host of solutions for all manner of media cabling problems.

The modern home is now so much more than it used to be. It doubles up as an entertainment centre, meeting venue, office and much more. Each of these functions bring their own unique requirements in terms of the provision of necessary services such as telephone or satellite sockets.

Traditionally products such as telephone and TV coaxial sockets have all been supplied built into a standard size wall plate. However the environment in today's homes and offices require a number of services to be provided to a single access point or work station. Instead of numerous unsightly individual sockets, a single New Media plate can be used at a convenient point to combine any combination of media modules. All modules available are of the standard Euro Grid configuration based on a 1 aperture module being 25mm x 50mm. Mounting plates are available as wall or floor plates and can house up to 16 modules.

Click New Media plates are available in a variety of sizes and have a choice of 10 finishes. New Media plates have also been incorporated into existing Click ranges including Deco, Define, Definity, Mode, Polar and the Essentials series. This gives a much greater scope to add to existing projects and be safe in the knowledge that a new project can be completed in a single design without compromise.


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