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Damp Proof Course Roll DPC 500MU 600mm x 30m BBA Approved (BS 6515 / EN14909 2012 )

Reference: ME9265239

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Damp Proof Course Roll DPC 500MU 600mm x 30m BBA Approved (BS 6515 / EN14909 2012 )


Damp Proof Course Roll

This Damp Proof Course (DPC) is manufactured for both domestic and industrial use within stone, brick and concrete walls for the prevention of rising damp within structures. Being made from 100% recycled polythene materials,This DPC provides an environmentally friendly and extremely durable DPC guaranteed to meet British Building Regulations.
The DPC is suitable for use in both vertical and horizontal applications and comes with an embossed finished for better mortar adhesion.
Originally manufactured to conform to BS 6515 The DPC is also compliant and CE Marked to BS EN 14909. It is suitable to withstand a compressive load up 2.5N/mm2 provided no lateral load is applied. With superior water resistance compared with the average DPC, The DPC provides a cost efficient, 100% reliable and environmentally friendly solution.

Damp Proof Course (DPC) consists of black low-density polyethylene sheet having a mass in the range 0.425kg/mg² to 0.54kg/m², formed from a polyethylene polymer of a melt flow rate of five or less when measured according to BS 2782: Method 720A and having a density within the range 0.915 g/mL to 0.925g/mL at 23º C when tested according to method 620A, 620B or 620D of BS 2782: Methods 620A to 620D: 1980.
When determined as described in Appendix A, the sheet contains a minimum of 2% by mass of evenly dispersed carbon black and shall contain not more than 5% by mass of material other than polyethylene.

Finish & Impermeability

The sheet shall be free from air bubbles and when tested as described in appendix C, shall have no visible pin holes.
Note: A surface texture is permitted.

Marking & Packaging

The finished DPC shall be packed in rolls of 30m in length.
Each roll shall be labelled legibly with the number and date of the British Standard, BS EN 14909: 2012.


DPC is compliant to BS EN 14909: 2012 for polythene DPC. It is Suitable for withstanding a compressive load of up to 2.5 N/mm2 as long as no lateral load is applied.
The DPC can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications to restrict the movement of upward and horizontal moving water within structure walls.
DPC is unsuitable for use in applications that places high sheer stress on the DPC, such as restraining walls or high flexible stress, such as freestanding walls and parapets.
The DPC should not be used to restrict the flow of downwards moving water such as above lintels or within cavity walls.
Suitable for use all year round this DPC is a highly versatile product and is subject to stringent quality controls to meet all British Standards.


Installation should be according to the code of practice CP102:1973 and normal DPC good practice procedures set in BS 5628 should be followed.
Some brief guidelines on how to use the DPC are supplied below.
For external walls DPC should be applied 150mm above the adjoining surface and should be linked with the DPM in solid floors.
The DPC should be applied to a fresh bed of mortar, completely free of projections that may puncture the material or impede the DPC from lying flat.
When joining two pieces of DPC they should be lapped over each other by at least 100mm.
Yuzet DPC is Manufactured by Capital.

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