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Dog Toy Interactive Dog Toys Non-Toxic Bite Resistant Rubber Dog Tooth Interactively Chew Toy for Puppy Small Big Dog SOEKAVIA

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Product out of stock
Product details
  • 1. Non-toxic materials: dog toy ball made of elastic rubber, environmentally friendly, good elasticity, bite-resistant, non-toxic, non-wear, not easy to break, safe for your dog or cat. / li>
  • 2. tooth cleaning ball: swivel design of the non-slip dentable surface. When a dog chews a ball, it brushes its teeth like a toothbrush. Adapted to the shape of the dog's tooth, it helps to clean teeth, massage the gums and gums, reduce plaque and tartar, prevent various oral diseases and exercise teeth. Easy to develop teeth and gums. The delicate aroma effectively removes odor from the mouth.
  • 3. Dog Playmate: This side groove feeding ball and cable center allow you to put snacks or other small snacks. When your dog strives for a delicious treat, he will challenge his intelligence, burn off energy, and avoid evil. It can solve the animal's desire to bite people, distract attention and reduce damage to the family.
  • 4. Interactive Dog Toys: Great for interacting with your pet and promoting the connection between you and your dog. Improve feelings between owner and pet, meet the spiritual and material needs of the pet, and reduce anxiety or loneliness when you are away from home. This dog toy can easily grab the mascot's attention, help the mascot improve intelligence, and aid in dog training.
  • 5. Dog ball Training IQ: Bright colors can easily resist the interest of the animal. It helps develop the agility of pets. Particularly suitable for bad active dogs. Easy to clean, just plain soap and water or just water.
1.When you leave the house, the dog has to do something to kill the time.The basic dog toy ball can accompany your dog.If you put food on the ball, you can keep the dog occupied for long periods of time. hours.
2. Biting things is a dog's nature. When you have this dog chewing on the ball, you can keep your couch and clothes safe.
3.The rotating rubber toy ball is the best toothbrush for dogs.The non-slip surface design is divided into 3 sections.When a dog bites a dog ball, each part can be rotated, like a toothbrush teeth.It is a good cleaning of teeth from the chewing ball.
4. interact perfectly with your dog, promote the connection between you and your dog and improve your dog's intelligence.
5.Rubber tooth cleaning toys are very suitable for cats, puppies, small dogs, medium dogs and even large active chewing dogs. Technical characteristics:
material: non-toxic natural rubber
diameter: 3inch / 7.5cm
color: blue
Weight: 171g

What's in the Package?
1XToy ball
1.The toy should be bigger than the width of the dog's mouth, so please choose the correct size.When playing with toys, proper supervision is recommended to make sure it is not accidentally ingested.
2.If the toys have been crushed, we must throw them out in time to prevent the dog from swallowing.
3.The main function of the toy ball is to entertain and grind your teeth. It is a consumable.

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