Erismann Imitations Brick Wallpaper Red 6318-06 Full Roll

Erismann Imitations Brick Wallpaper Red 6318-06 Full Roll

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You need more than a few home accessories to recreate living trends like Industrial Loft, Cultural Clash or Classy Glamour. Who can afford to panel an entire wall or retrospectively add real brick walls. Non-woven wallpapers with Imitation patterns are more than just "beautiful illusions". They allow you to quickly create entirely new living scenarios. Let yourself be swept away into the world of illusions with the new wallpaper collection "IMITATIONS".

Imitations offers non-woven wallpapers, which appear to be made from patinated wood or weathered bricks, with subtle details and deceptively real, with a 3D effect. Or are you looking for a cool concrete wall to give your rooms a trendy loft appearance?

For lovers of the Bohemian style, Imitations offers an imaginative motive with the appearance of Moorish tiles to create an whimsical ambience. With stylish marble wall panelling you can change your room quickly and easily into an extravagant luxury suite.

Beautiful illusion: With Imitations, rooms change into completely new living environments - whether casual urban, a little exotic craziness, or extravagantly elegant. An individual wall illusion to suit every taste.

  • This wallpaper is suitable for all living areas, including the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Each roll measures 33ft (10m) in length and is 21" (53.1cm) wide.
  • Full hanging instructions are supplied with each roll.
  • Please order enough rolls to complete your job as batch numbers cannot be guaranteed on a subsequent purchase.
If traveling to one of our stores to purchase this item, it is advisable to call ahead first to ensure goods are in stock and available, as not all stores stock the same range.


  • Color
  • Pattern type
    Brick and stone imitation
  • Kind
  • ManoMano Reference
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