Eucotherm Mars Mirror Silver Vertical Designer Radiators 1800mm x 595mm Single Panel

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Eucotherm Mars Mirror Silver Vertical Designer Radiators 1800mm x 595mm Single Panel


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Size (Height x Width) BTUs (Delta T60)Watts (Delta T60)Weight (kg)
H1800mm x W595mm3341979

The Features and Benefits

  • Range of standard and thermostatic valves available separately.
  • Central Heating.
  • CE Mark.

Central Heating Convector Radiators - Explained!

All Radiators (Convector's, Column and Designer) heat your room using Convective Heat. This is the process of Hot air rising within your room and pushing the cooler air towards the bottom of the room and thus coming into contact with the radiator. The Convector Radiator is designed to have “Fins” (Zig-Zag metal strips) which create a larger surface for the air to come into contact with. Hot water is circulated through a tube within the Convector which is surrounded by these fins. As with the other Radiators the hot air in the room rises and the cooler air is attracted to the Radiator. You should consider a Convector Radiators if: you are looking for a heating appliance that can heat the room quicker that Designer and Column Radiators. Or if you have limited room, and want to purchase a small Radiator without losing out on all of the heat benefits of a larger Radiator. Central heating Radiators/Towel Rails are heated using your central heating system. The most important part of this system - for your Radiator/Towel Rail - is the boiler, and you most likely have one in your kitchen or bathroom. This boiler heats water, which is then circulated through the pipes behind your walls or under the floor to heat all of the radiators in your home or office.

Single and Double Panel - Explained!

If you purchase a Double Panel Radiator the panel that appears at the front of the radiator (what you can see in most of our images) will also be at the back of the radiator facing the wall. Whereas, a Single Panel Radiator only has one panel which faces away from the wall. Because the design puts one panel behind the other, the height and width of the radiator will stay the same whether you choose single or double panel. Compared to the Single Panel options, the Double Panel's will produce more heat because they have more surface area to warm the air in the room. You should bear in mind that this extra heat from a Double Panel will come at a higher cost. When browsing the Convector Radiators, you may see “Double Panel Double Convector”, this means that as well as having a panel on the front and back of the radiator, there is also an extra Fin (for explanation of what a Fin is, please see Convector Radiators Section) attached to the back panel. “Double Panel Single Convector” means that the radiator has both a front and back panel, but only one Fin attached to the front panel.

  • Fitting Vertical
  • Color Grey
  • Height 180 cm
  • Warranty 10 years
  • ManoMano Reference ME28294232
  • SKU EMAM1800595SC