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Exterior double-sided adhesive tape, table Table without drilling powerful transparent multifunctional reusable washable for carpets and cars (3m x 3cm x 2mm

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Very often, when displaying wall, we realize that running the surface with a drill and nails may not be the best idea. The holes pierced on the wall can not be defeated or adjusted if you plan to reposition the frame. You could end up hurting or even receiving a noise complaint from your neighbor. Therefore, for those who wish to give their home a touch of aesthetics, the new double-sided nano ribbon is practical as a preferred replacement. The decoration can be a peaceful and safe experience where new ideas are allowed.

Hanging Table without drilling

Extra strong viscosity

Washable double face ribbon

without trace

The nano tape is thicker than most at 2 mm. Made of high quality PU gel, double-sided adhesive tape has a strong grip that may contain objects up to 1 kg. This is really a resistant tape for the house.

The new technology allows the nano ribbon to be reused after washing.

Please dry in the air or dryness -Chews after having washed the ribbon. The viscosity will come back when it will be dry again. Do not use carpets or fabric to wipe the ribbon water.

An incredible advantage of this transparent ribbon is that it leaves no residue on the surface. Unlike drilling or tapping, Nano double-sided tape allows you to change the position of the drapes when you want without damaging your wall.

External double-sided wide applications

Obviously, you can apply this tape to many places, inside and out. It helps keep things up in your car, desk, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is always good to see our living environment organize and function. Now, if you want to decorate the house for the coming holidays, you would have a little more space to make your idea with a double-sided nano ribbon roll.

Practical tips. Using the Nano Multifunctional Tape:

Hold the ribbon vertically when you use it because it is sticky on both sides and can stick to your table or surface if you are on a side. You do not want the sides to receive important papers or something delicate.

Please keep the contact surface of the clean and dry gel strip. Press these super adhesive strips and hold them for 5 seconds or more after glue.

Choose a pair of sharp and clean scissors and cut the ribbon using the tip of the scissors instead. to cut it with more blades. This helps to get a nice clear cut.

Make sure to position your image / photo because it glues very quickly and firmly. The great frames would also remain in place if a good amount of ribbon strips was applied evenly on the surface.

Versatile and practical


Please do not apply the ribbon on a dirty, moist, fat, dusty and uneven surface.

We do not recommend using it on a painted wall or poorly fixed wallpaper because there is a risk that it can remove the outer layer once removed. Please always test first on a small area.

Please do not stick heavy objects (more than 1 kg) or value using the tape.

Store the band carefully, keep it out of the reach of children.

Easy to use

Double-sided adhesive tape for rug

Although the nano tape nano Double-sided either very easy to use, there are certain steps that you do not want to neglect to get its best performance

Step 1: Clean the surface and objects you want to stick on the surface. A dry and clean environment will bring out the best performance of the Nano band.

Step 2: Cut the ribbon to the desired length.

Step 3 and 4: Press the ribbon for at least 5 seconds before taking off the outside movie. This will help the adhesive to last longer on the surface.

Step 5: Glue some items. Twist the article a little if you have trouble disassemble it.

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