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Garden storage box outdoor garden plastic waterproof rectangular storage deck box Gray - Gray

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Product out of stock
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This is a beautiful-looking storage box that can provide plenty of space to protect your precious outdoor items. Intimate design, the box is also equipped with handles on both sides. There is a lockable lid on the top of the box to prevent moisture , Leaves, pollen and other items that need to be protected from soiling. Made of high-quality materials, strong and durable, it can also be used as a chair when needed and provided for everyone to use.


1. Fully sealed design can prevent precious items from being damaged

2.Intimate design, handles on both sides, easy to move

3.Made of weather-resistant polypropylene with wicker finish,it has the characteristics of wear-resistant, waterproof and UV-resistant.

4. Multi-purpose: It can be used as a storage box to store items and can also be used as a chair to provide convenience for everyone


1. Material: PP plastic

2. Colour: Grey

3. Capacity: 120 Gal.

4. Surface: rattan

5. Product size: 47x24x24.8 inches

6. Weight:25.4 lb

7. Features: waterproof, suitable for any weather

8. Applicable occasions: indoor, outdoor, garden, courtyard

Package Includes:

1 x 120gal Box


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3. It is recommended that the installation is not too tight and easy to adjust.After the structure is installed, the interface is firm and more stable.