Hyundai HYMT5200X 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Function Tool

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Hyundai HYMT5200X 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Function Tool


The Hyundai HYMT5200X Petrol Garden Multi-Function Tool is one exceptional, dedicated, versatile, sturdy and efficient machine which combines the functions of a hedge trimmer, pole chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer and an 800mm extension shaft and therefore, has the ability to maintain your garden in various aspects as well as help you save costs, fatigue, stress, storage space and time all at the same time. This 5-in-1 Garden Multi-Tool from Hyundai has thus just about everything that a gardener can need in order to complete the smallest to hardest gardening jobs................Grass Trimmer / Strimmer / Brushcutter: *2-string nylon cutting head along with 3-tooth metal blade for easy cutting through weeds, brambles, dense scrub and overgrown grass, *Easily replaceable nylon cord, *Nylon cutting head allows a cutting width of 430mm, *Cutting blades allow a cutting width of 255mm, *Easily dispense more cord length with the bump feed system, *Durable and sturdy metal cutting blades are recommended for thicker and denser areas, *Suitable for all sizes of gardens.......................Chainsaw / Pole Saw / Pruner: *Automatic and long-lasting chain lubrication, *On the ground, can work quickly with logs and fallen branches, *Can reach up to branches 4m from the ground along with a combination of the extension shaft, *295mm cutting bar for medium-level applications, *Appropriate for almost all types of logs and branches.....................Hedge Trimmer: *Can easily prune large hedges with its blade length of 425mm, *Can be easily regulated to 180 degrees along with 12 different positions to select from, *Double safety lock keeping the cutting head securely in place, *Can be used in the pruning of tallest or obstructed of hedgerows when used in combination with the extension shaft..........................Extension Shaft: *Can provide up to 800mm of reach, *Quick-release shaft, *Suitable for gardeners who need to work with tall trees or hedgerows *Significantly reduces the risks of working from a ladder, *Quick and easy to attach the shaft to the unit, *Low weight and well-balanced, *Makes use of the various attachments with great precision..............In The Box: HYMT5200X Garden Multi-Tool power unit, brush cutter, pole saw, hedge trimmer attachments, double over-shoulder harness, cutting guard, Easy feed nylon string cutting head, three-tooth metal blade, fuel mixing jug, tool kit, starter nylon string, handle, attachments, user manual, assembly guide.............Covered by Hyundai 3-year warranty..........Product Specs: *Gross Weight (kg) 16.00, *Model Number HYMT5200X, *Max Engine Output 1 .45 kW/ 2.0 hp, *Cylinder Capacity 51.7 cm3, *Engine Idle Speed 3000 min·1 (rpm), *Max Engine Speed (3 Tooth Cutting Blade) 9200 min•1 (rpm), *Max Engine Speed (Grass Trimmer) 8700 min•1 (rpm), *Max Engine Speed (Chainsaw) 9200 min•1 (rpm), *Max Engine Speed (Hedge Trimmer) 9200 min•1 (rpm), *Max Cutting Speed (3 Tooth Blade) 6900 min·1 (rpm)m, *Max Cutting Speed (Grass Trimmer) 6525 min·1 (rpm), *Max Cutting Speed (Chainsaw) 20 m/s Max Cutting Speed (Hedge Trimmer) 1550 min·1 (rpm), *Ignition Electronic, *Drive Centrifugal Clutch, *Net Weight (Engine) 5.6 kg, *Fuel Tank Capacity 1 200 cm3, *Hedge Trimmer Cut Length 425mm, *Hedge Trimmer Tooth Spacing 20mm, *Chainsaw Cut Length 260mm, *Chainsaw Blade Length 10inch, *Chainsaw Chain Length 10inch, *Grass Trimmer Nylon Line Length 4.0m, *Metal Blade Cutting Diameter 255mm.........(Delivery Details: Please note we ship only to mainland UK. All other deliveries to any British Islands, the north of Scotland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Ireland & Northern Ireland will come with additional delivery charges.)

  • Brand HYUNDAI
  • Functions Brushcutter / Hedge trimmer
  • Engine size 51.7 cm³
  • ManoMano Reference ME21337798
  • SKU DYHYD511

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