KP9 Bells Only Wireless Alarm Kit G Pro [005-4500]

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KP9 Bells Only Wireless Alarm Kit G Pro [005-4500]


99 channel KP9 Bells Only Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit G Pro supplied with accessories suited to premises with Pet's & Animals present and abuilt in Siren with additional External Wireless Siren.

This impressive kit put together is supplied with the following (although up to 91 additional wireless sensors can still be added):

  • 2 x Standard Wireless Magnetic Contacts (for use on doors or windows around the immediate property).
  • 6 x Wireless Vibration Sensors (for use on a vulnerable door or window).
  • 2 x Remote Controls (for arming and disarming the alarm).
  • 1 x Large H/Duty External Wireless Siren & Strobe.

Pet Friendly:

This Alarm system is suitable for premises where large or multiple Animals are present as it doesn't include any PIR's, many more accessories can be added to suit your exact requirements.

Suitable for both DIY or professional Installations.

Control Panel:

The Control Panel is packed full of features normally only associated with expensive professional Alarms, they include:

  • 99 x Wireless Zones (channels).
  • Built in Siren (adjustable duration from 0 to 999 seconds).
  • Simple Plug in Power Supply with Back up Battery (ideal for DIY installations).
  • Can be used with 2 x Wireless Sirens (Standard & H/Duty).
  • Easy to Program (using the built in keypad and LCD Screen).
  • Easy to Operate using:
    • Remote Control.
    • Built in Keypad.
    • Built in Timer.
  • Many Modes of Operation including:
    • Full Arm.
    • Home Arm.
    • Entrance.
    • On Site.
    • Outer.
    • Inner.
    • 24 Hour (with Siren).
    • 24 Hour (silent).
    • Not in Use.
    • Doorbell.
  • 2 x Wired Input Zones (for use with wired sensors).
  • Built in Tamper Switch.
  • Log (history) Logging.
  • Low Battery Warning (of accessories).
  • 12 Language Menu (including English, French, German, Italian, Dutch & Spanish).

Wireless Magnetic Door Contacts:

These are designed to be used on Doors & Windows, full fitting advice can be found here.

Remote Controls:

The two Remote Controls supplied can be used to control the alarm from up to 20 - 30 metres away, so you can arm and disarm the Alarm from outside the building.

Wireless Vibration Sensors:

These Vibration Sensors can be attached (using double sided tape supplied) to a vulnerable Door or Window and have the benefit of triggering the Alarm before anyone has entered. There are sensitivity switches to avoid false alarms.

Wireless Accessories:

You can add an incredible 97 more Wireless Sensors & Detectors to this Alarm system, making it impossible not to be able to fully protect your Home, Office, Work Premises, the vast array of options include:

  • PIR's (standard & pet friendly).
  • Curtain PIR's (supply a narrow beam behind bay windows and patio doors).
  • Door Contacts (various models).
  • Vibration Sensors.
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Remote Controls.
  • Water Detectors.
  • Pressure Mats.
  • Roller Shutter Contacts,
  • Gate Contacts.
  • External PIR's.
  • Panic Buttons (various options available).

The range between the accessories and control panel is normally around 50 metres (line of sight) which equates to 20 - 30 metres in most applications, for locations requiring further range a Signal Booster can be added.


This Alarm is supplied with a Large Heavy Duty Wireless Siren together with a Built in Siren on the Control Panel, they can be adjusted to operate from seconds up to 16 minutes when activated, although a key-holder can turn these off before using a Remote Control or keypad.

The External Wireless Siren & Strobe has an impressive 110 Decibel sound together with Bright Flashing Strobe Lights when activated, it has slow flashing Strobe Lights when in standby which informs potential Burglars that the building is Alarmed. It is powered by a 12v transformer (supplied), and includes a built in back up battery, tamper switch & wireless transmitter.

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