Large Aviary for Birds Cage on Wheels Canary Parrot Parakeets Canaries, 46 * 35.3 * 150.6cm, White

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Large Aviary for Birds Cage on Wheels Canary Parrot Parakeets Canaries, 46 * 35.3 * 150.6cm, White


1. Material: low carbon steel ABS plastic, resin coating, pine wood, etc.
2. Product features: practical shape, beautiful proportions, intimate detail design, easy to use, strong and durable
3. Product design: It is made of metal wire welding, fine workmanship, convenient assembly, high temperature electrostatic treatment (to prevent rusting), which ensures the beautiful surface of the product and is an ideal residence for the domestic animals
4. The scope of the product: parrots, canaries, lovebirds, etc.
5.Product index: main wire diameter 3.2mm, secondary wire diameter 2.5mm, wire pitch 21mm
6. The structure of the product: a sturdy handle is located on the top, the vertical rod on the front door can provide additional security, the distance between the iron rods is 1cm to prevent birds from being stuck , the side of the cage is spacious, powder coated The layer surface, anti-rust and anti-aging, easy to carry, the bottom net and the chassis pull plate at the bottom of the cage can be removed for cleaning
7. The overall size of the product after assembly: 46 x 35.3 x 150.6cm Cage size: 46 x 35.3 x 92cm Frame size with 4 casters: 45.2 x 35 x 68.7cm The size of the large front door: 30.2 x 29 cm of the small front door Dimensions: 11.5 x 8 cm Dimensions of the side door: 11 x 8 cm Dimensions of the pallet: 38.5 x 29.5 x 3 cm Dimensions of the lower basket: 44 x 31 x 6 cm Distance between the iron bars: 1 cm
8.Product packaging protection measures: high resilience pearl cotton, shockproof foam, corrugated paper

  • Brand OOBEST
  • Length 30.2 cm
  • Width 8 cm
  • ManoMano Reference ME26788976