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LITZEE 304 Stainless Steel Smoking Tube Cold Smoke Generator 30,5 cm Smoking Tube Accessory for Gas and Charcoal Grills

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  • BBQ Smoke Tube: It can be used with any grill or smoker to create more smoke, longer time and more even distribution. It does not roll dangerously on the grill, shelf, tray, mat or grill. An open cover on one end provides safe and easy access for filling and lighting, while a closed cover on the other end keeps particles inside and limits airflow to maximize smoke. / li>
  • Multifunctional: Incense tube can be used with different wood particles like cherry, pecan, mesquite, apple and pecan to add different flavors. You can mix them or stack them in test tubes. This pipe is perfect for hot and cold smoking
  • High quality: more efficient and more durable. The incense tube is made of very high quality 304 stainless steel, so it is rust free, heat resistant and extremely durable. Our unique round top and sturdy flat bottom limit air entry so wood chips can burn longer
  • Complete Set: The Z-Box contains a 12 inch incense burner that can create or supplement hot or cold smoke, and contains enough wood chips to do grocery shopping in a few hours between refills, instructions for hanging S-hooks and smoking accessories, large pipe cleaner
  • Usage: Fill the test tube with your favorite sawdust, sawdust or sawdust, light it with a lighter or blow gun, then place it on a baking sheet, tray, mat or hang -it on a shelf for a large quantity Enjoy food and bring the smoky flavor to your favorite dishes
12 '' Smoke Pipe - suitable for any grill or smoker, hot and cold smoking - easy, safe and delicious smoking - round shape - 304 stainless steel, lightweight, portable, easy to use or clean, durable application 1 Our pellet hose provides more time for your barbecue, camping stove, e-cigarette or backsplash party.
2. The particle smoke design can be used with any grill or smoker and can produce a longer smoke and spread the smoke more evenly - none of these are dangerous on the grill
3. It can be used for cold and hot smoke
4. It can be used with different wood particles to add different smoke taste
5. The granular flue pipe can be used for any electric, gas, charcoal or smoker grill
6. Any ordinary grill can easily be turned into a smoker. The smoking pipe is made of heat, corrosion and rust resistant 304 stainless steel, lightweight, easy to carry and maintain

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