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Lowline Door Threshold Sill - White, 914mm

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Lowline Door Threshold Sill from Stormguard This weatherproof door threshold strip design by Stormguard is an age old high-performance and top-quality product to ensure windblown rain cannot penetrate beneath your door and also to creates a tight draught seal. Usually used with timber doors. In addition to sealing below the door, this threshold strip will channel water away from the bottom of timber doors, avoiding the risk of the wood swelling overwinter, which can cause the door to stick. Width 914 mm (3 foot) This product is for inward opening doors, complete with water drainage holes. It will stand up to the most severe weather conditions beneath the threshold strip should be sealed with a weatherproof sealant for a completely weathertight seal. Complete with rubber seal and two nylon end pieces. Four-year manufacturers guarantee (Rain deflector shown on the photos, attached to the door, is not included, this sale is only for the lowline threshold strip) NOTE - Rain Defector shown in some photos is available separately, not included in this sale This can be kept in place beneath the door as it will open and close with the door as necessary, without having to remove it.