Personal Self Defence Spray (dye & foul smelling odour) [012-0990]

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Personal Self Defence Spray (dye & foul smelling odour) [012-0990]


A Self Defence Spray designed to be sprayed into the face & clothing of an attacker, this legal device sprays a bright red and foul smelling odour onto an attacker (to help deter them from carrying on with the crime and to help identify them afterwards).

It can spray up to 3 metres and can be used on four occasions per can.

It has Ultra Violet chemicals together with the Red Dye to help detect a person up to 2 - 3 days after the event.

Small in size, very easy to carry in a handbag, pocket or vehicle.

It has a twist cap to avoid false activation.

  • ManoMano Reference ME19523948
  • SKU 012-0990