Quality 4 x 1080P Outdoor KW Wireless Camera Kit with 500 GB Hard Drive [002-2250]

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Special Offer (whilst stock lasts), Very High Specification CCTV (but can be to complicated for some DIY Users, Recommend 002-1880 model if you want a basic model. Top of our range Wireless CCTV System with Remote Access facility, impressive specification including:
  • 4 x 1080P Wireless Outdoor/Indoor Cameras with 20 metre Night Vision.
  • 12" Monitor (with many functions).
  • Built in 500 GB Hard Drive.
  • Mouse (to operate the monitor).
  • Plug in Power Supplies.
  • Ability to add unique Wireless Signal Repeaters.
This is a quality Wireless CCTV System, with Great Specification, perfectly suited for use around most Homes & small Business premises !!. The Monitor has the following features:
  • 12" Clear Colour Screen (free standing).
  • No Port Forwarding: Easy to set up Remote Viewing (access).
  • Built in 500 GB Hard Drive.
  • Recording Options include:
    • Movement.
    • Scheduled.
    • Scheduled Movement.
    • Permanent.
  • Recording Area Settings (can blank off areas of the view).
  • Push Notification:
  • Option to Loop Record.
  • Quad Camera View.
  • Single Camera View.
  • Can be used as an independent CCTV System (if remote viewing is not required).
  • 150 metre Wireless Range (with the option of adding unique signal repeaters for the furthest cameras).
  • Playback (with filters for to help find footage).
  • Easy navigation (using the mouse supplied).
  • Powered by Plug in 3-pin Transformers (supplied).
  • Loss of Camera or Tamper Alert.
  • Multi Language Menu Options (including most European languages, see Specification Tab).
The CCTV Cameras have the following features:
  • 1080P Resolution.
  • Outdoor Weatherproof.
  • 20 metre Infrared Night Vision.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket.
  • Powered by Plug in 3-pin Transformers (supplied).
Remote Viewing: You can view the complete system by a Mobile Phone or Tablet via a Free App (SMeye) flicking between Cameras and choosing to hit the Record button at any time. The Wireless Monitor has to be connected to your Internet Router via a LAN Cable (supplied). APP: The Free APP is called SMeye, and is available on iOS & Android platforms. Push Notification: You can choose to Receive Push Notification on your Mobile Phone or Tablet should movement be detected by any Camera at given times of the Day. Playback: There is a useful filter within the Playback menu which allows you to search different criteria to find the recording as quick as possible. Loss of Camera Alert: You can choose to set the 'Loss of Camera' Alert ON, which will notify you by an Audible Alert (on the monitor) and/or Push Notification should a Camera be Blocked or Powered OFF. Signal Repeaters: This Wireless CCTV System has the ability to add unique Wireless Signal Repeaters (002-2260) to system to help boost the signal from the furthest Cameras back to the Wireless Monitor, this helps to overcome various obstructions that may be between these locations. The Signal Repeaters when added require to be powered by the Plug in Transformers supplied, only one can be used per Camera. A very good range of Wireless CCTV Systems !


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