Reina Flat Anthracite Horizontal Designer Radiators 600mm x 588mm Single Panel Electric Only - Thermostatic

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Reina Flat Anthracite Horizontal Designer Radiators 600mm x 588mm Single Panel Electric Only - Thermostatic


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Radiator Size (Height x Width)MaterialRadiator ColourRadiator FinishEbay Fuel TypeHeat Output BTU (Delta T50)Heat Output BTU (Delta T60)Heat Output Watts (Delta T50)Heat Output Watts (Delta T60)Radiator ProjectionRadiator Pipe CentresRadiator Wall To Pipe Centres Weight (Kg)Guarantee Length
600mm x 440mm Single PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D1072.31310.97314.4384.3768mm440mm + Valves (90mm)39mm125 Year
600mm x 588mm Single PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D1429.311747.43418.98512.2368mm588mm + Valves (90mm)39mm145 Year
600mm x 810mm Single PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D1965.142402.53576.5704.8168mm810mm + Valves (90mm)39mm165 Year
600mm x 1032mm Single PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D2500.973057.62733.38896.6168mm1032mm + Valves (90mm)39mm185 Year
600mm x 1254mm Single PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D3036.83712.71890.251088.468mm1254mm + Valves (90mm)39mm205 Year
600mm x 1402mm Single PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D3393.84149.17995.481217.0568mm1402mm + Valves (90mm)39mm5 Year
600mm x 440mm Double PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D1553.911899.76455.78557.2293mm440mm + Valves (90mm)64mm165 Year
600mm x 588mm Double PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D2072.32533.54607.49742.793mm588mm + Valves (90mm)64mm185 Year
600mm x 810mm Double PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC/E/D2848.933483.03835.381021.3193mm810mm + Valves (90mm)64mm185 Year
600mm x 1032mm Double PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC3626.214433.311063.271299.9293mm1032mm + Valves (90mm)64mm205 Year
600mm x 1254mm Double PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC4404.135384.371291.81579.3293mm1254mm + Valves (90mm)64mm225 Year
600mm x 1402mm Double PanelSteelAnthraciteMatteC50516175.221480.961810.5893mm1402mm + Valves (90mm)64mm5 Year

The Features and Benefits

  • Range of standard and thermostatic valves available separately.
  • CE Mark.

Designer Radiators - Explained!

While Interior Design and home improvement projects have become a regular occurrence, Designer Radiators have also become increasingly more popular. Rest assured the Designers have been manufactured to combine both functionality and stylish design, so you won't go cold in the winter months. Unlike Column and Convector Radiators, a lot of the Designers come in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation. The Verticals can be the perfect solution when trying to maximise wall space in your home, while the Horizontals are modern and stylish, but more traditional in orientation and release heat in the same method as the convector radiators do.

Central Heating, Dual Fuel or Electric only - Explained!

Central Heating - A central heating Radiator or Towel Rail is heated using your central heating system. The most important part of this system - for your Radiator/Towel Rail - is the boiler, and you most likely have one in your kitchen or bathroom.

Electric Only - An Electric Only Radiator or Towel Rail is filled with a heat conducting liquid, this could be oil, or a water based. Working with your home's electricity supply, with the benefit of not needing to be plumbed into your central heating system, a Thermostatic or Non-Thermostatic element is attached to the Radiator or towel rail and this is what controls its heat. You will need to have these Radiators/Towel Rails installed by a qualified Electrician.

Dual Fuel - A Dual Fuel Radiator or Towel Rail is a combination of both the Central Heating and Electric Only versions. A Dual Fuel Radiator/Towel Rail is not filled with any liquid like the Electric Only, because it is made to be plumbed into your Central Heating System, which will be the source of its heat when the Central Heating System is turned on. When the Central Heating System of your house is turned off you can use an Electric Element (Thermostatic or Non-Thermostatic) to heat the Radiator/Towel Rail.

  • Brand REINA
  • Installation direction Horizontal / Vertical
  • Material Steel
  • Colour Grey
  • Warranty 5 years
  • ManoMano Reference ME9450293