Roaming M2M Sim Card [010-0810]

Roaming M2M Sim Card [010-0810]

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Special M2M (machine to machine) PAYG Roaming SIM Card (complete with £7 of credit) ideal for use with Security & Safety Alarms, the benefits include:

Please Note: Currently not working with EE Network !!

  • Credit rolls over month to month. - Most Pay As You Go sim cards delete your hard earned credit at the end of each month.
  • The Roaming SIM is designed to work on all networks. If one network is not available in your location, it will switch to another ensuring your device has the best chance of staying connected by finding the most suitable network to register on.
  • The SIM Card needs to have at least one activation once per year to prevent it being deactivated (which is a good practise for any GSM Alarm, Alert or Tracker).
  • Auto-Top Up can also be set up on your Account (to ensure you never run out).

We have tested these SIM Cards in all of our Alarms, and they work fine apart from devices that require data which we do not recommend (please contact us if you are not sure before purchasing).

If you see the option in the drop down on any alarm, then we do recommend.

We cannot guarantee they will work in other devices that we do not sell, and cannot take the cards back once they are registered.

The majority of modern 'Pay as you Go' SIM Cards are designed for use inside mobile phones, with suppliers only interested in selling call time and data usage. Networks will often remove any remaining credit at the of each month. Some providers do not allow the use of their SIMs in “unattended devices” like alarm systems and may disable them.

With our multi network roaming SIM you can be sure of great coverage in the UK and across Europe. There are no monthly charges; you only pay for what you use. You will keep your number.

Auto Top Up is set up within the account you set up simply by yourself after purchasing these SIM Cards.

You will also get a text message when the credit gets low !!

Not for Use with Cameras, Trackers !!

Ideal for use in Alarms and security systems.

Current Call Cost (subject to change without notice):

  • Outgoing calls from anywhere in Europe/UK to anywhere in Europe/UK 9.3p per minute.
  • SMS 7.06p from anywhere in Europe/UK to Europe/UK.
  • Data 0.10 per MB across UK and Europe.

Please Note: Discounted to Cost when purchased with one of our Alarm Systems, this would be found by selecting the drop down to include a SIM Card whilst purchasing !!

The SIM Cards have £7 of credit loaded onto them, and then there is the cost from the supplier plus UK VAT, but we believe the benefits of the SIM Cards far outweigh this initial cost when used in Security Systems.

We believe that you will more than recover this investment over the course of one to two years compared to using a standard PAYG SIM Card.

There is also the vital consideration that your Security or Safety Alarm is far more likely to operate throughout the year (even if a single mobile phone network has a problem at any time).

For customers not wanting to use these Roaming SIM cards, you can still choose to use standard PAYG or Contract SIM Cards.

Please Note:

If the SIM Card is broken away from the card, used, damaged or registered on the suppliers web site, then unfortunately the Card cannot be returned or refunded.


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