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Set of 12 stainless steel stainless steel cable clamps for 4mm metal cable diameter (M4)

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Designed for coupling two cable lengths, or to form an eye or loop on a cable. This is the best way to secure cables and ropes.

Made of polished stainless steel 304, without burr, durable, rust-resistant and corrosion, can be installed in the Outdoor equipment.

consists of a U-shaped bolt, forged saddle and two nuts. The two cable layers are placed in the U and tightened bolt in place for a waterproof connection. Non-slip threads in the center of the seat effectively increase friction.

Large application in fixed patio or veranda furniture, suspended shading veils, hanging patio garlands, suspended floating ceilings, The safety pipes, the anchor columns, the fencing barriers, the linen strings, the suspended streamers, the anchoring and fitness equipment, etc.

for a secure connection, be careful. to use the correct number of clips. 3 clips at each end are recommended so that the ends of the cable do not slide.

Robust rope handles

Many uses: hang sails, suspend floating ceilings, pipes from Security, anchoring poles, fence barriers, linen lines, banners, gym equipment, etc.


Material: Stainless steel 304.

Color: Silver.

Surface: Polished.

The correct way to fix the cable clips is as follows:

1. Apply the 1st clip a basic width from the end of the metal rope. The base or saddle must wear on the living end of the rope - U-bolt at the short end. Tighten the nuts

2 firmly. Attach the second clip as close as possible to the loop. Tighten the nuts but not firmly.

3. Attach the balance of the clips also spaced between the first two clips. Tighten all nuts completely. Apply initial load inspection nuts and remove.


1. Tighten the nut with a sleeve / nut. Drills can be used, but make sure you do not tighten because the wires can bend.

2. Be sure to fold a minimum of 7.6 cm and 1.9 cm thread.

3. Do not use plastic covered cable.

4. Do not install the stool on the ends of the cable. The dead ends of the cable only U, broken bolts will not affect the breaking strength of the lifting wire.

5. Do not reuse clips.

6. Inspect all the clips periodically


12 m4 cable clips in U.

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