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Small Night Cabinet Light Smart Automatic Light Sensor 40Led Rechargeable 4 Speeds Hot Light Full Screen-

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Product details
  • Using a new high-performance white LED technology: it has a high efficiency, energy saving, long life, no radiation, energy saving, environmental protection, Explusing protection, a luminescence, suitable for use in various locations, and it is the last to replace traditional bulbs and energy-saving lamps of electrumbine appliances.
  • Adopt the advanced thermal infrared detection and induction technology of the human body, which is different from traditional and common technologies such as voice control, touch, button, etc. It presents the high sensitivity, anti-interference characteristics, silent and fast response speed and long distance detection. At the same time, it does not emit any type of radiation, the energy consumption of the device is very low and it is contactless, which can maximize the health of people and avoid an accidental infection by germs. .
  • When people arrive and the lights are lit, people leave and the lights are off: the optimized design of the induction control can realize that the lights are lit when people arrive and that The lights are automatically turned off. Yourself.
  • Integrated light detection device, automatic state of day and night identification, Auto standby during the day, light detection at night, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Humanized appearance design, exquisite appearance, fashionable and ultra-thin,
  • reasonable structural design, intelligently hidden mounting, no screw for installation
  • Human infrared sensor light, goes out when people come and go out when people leave, saving energy, energy and the protection of the environment.
  • how to use:
  • 1. Detach the double-sided adhesive on the back of the lamp and paste it to the object you want to paste
  • 2. The other side of the double-sided tape of the lamp is a soft magnet. The lamp can be removed at any time and used as a flashlight
  • 2. The light only turns on when someone passes or detects a human body within 3 meters in a dark environment (the light does not turn on during the day)
  • 3. The light turns off automatically 15 to 20 seconds after the person's start
  • light color: white light, hot light (optional)
  • Delivery content: 1 piece (the content of the delivery is submitted to the first main image)
  • power mode: USB power supply, battery capacity: 1000 mA.
  • Delay time: 15 seconds (the light turns off automatically after 15 seconds after the human body can not be detected in the detection range)
  • duration of the self test to power up: 15 seconds.
  • Induction method: infrared induction of the human body
  • Induction control: Perception of integrated light, infrared induction of the human body
  • Distance from Detection: within a radius of 3 to 5 meters
  • Number of lamp beads: 24LEDS / 40LEDS / 6OLEDS
  • LED life: more than 20,000 hours
  • LED brightness: 0.8 W-2. 8 W
  • The operating temperature of the lamp: -10 ~ 50 ° C
  • Induction angle: 120 degrees
  • Introduction to four-position adjustment:
  • level 0: Close
  • Level 1: Full light sensor + Light control (only at night) Level 2: Always lit (bright in any environment) Level 3: Semi-luminous sensor + light control (only at night)
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