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SOEKAVIA Cooking Mats, Set of 5 BBQ Cooking Mats Silicone Brush Barbecue Oven - 40cm * 33cm - Non-stick Grill Reusable Cooking Mats Gas Barbecue

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Safety: BBQ Mats meet LFGB regulations in the EU and strict US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements - our mats are therefore 100% food safe. The unique design makes the perfect grille track leaves the taste of intact and thick enough for ultimate heat resistance and durability.
100% Nonstick and Reusable: The grill mat consists of fiberglass that is smooth without any elevations or structures, which makes handling and cleaning tremendously easier. Now stop using extra oils and fats with the grill mat Prepare your food on the grill healthier than before! Whether it's meat, burgers, poultry, fish, vegetables, steaks, sausages, everything works out perfectly.
PERFECT FOR THE BARBECUE: These grill mats help you prepare healthy food with minimal effort.Do not use metal utensils, but wood or plastic, so as not to damage the non-stick coating of the mats . The mats can be used in any type of grill and also in the oven.
Thermostability: Barbecue mats are heat resistant up to about 300 degrees or about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Barbecuing and cooking without fats and oils makes the food lighter and healthier. Please take into account the risks of fat burning and how to avoid them when cooking.
Easy to clean: The grill stays clean and the mats are very easy to clean with soap and water (dishwasher). No fat drips onto the grid and no grilled food can fall through the grid. When using, it is important to ensure that the mats do not overlap or are used without a hob in the oven or directly on the stove. This can cause temperature spikes that go beyond carpet specifications.

1.Healthier: BBQ Mats meet both LFGB and EU regulations and strict US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.
2.Use for versatile like cooking in the kitchen and outdoor camping barbecue and garden. No matter whether gas, charcoal or electric grill.
3.Anti-caked and easy to clean: It keeps your grill clean and protects your food from impurities like dust, smoke, etc. It is so comfortable and efficient that it will permanently change the way you grill!
4.Thermostability: BBQ grill mats are heat resistant to about 300 degrees or about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Barbecuing and cooking without fats and oils make the food lighter and healthier, plus your meat is not directly exposed to flames and gart. Meat does not burn as quickly and the formation of harmful substances such as acrylamide is avoided.
5.Reusable: Our grill mats are virtually indestructible and will serve you well for many years to come. Teflon coated rugs last forever and can be reused hundreds of times. Simply clean with water and, if necessary, a little detergent after use.

Color: black
Material: PTFE coated fiberglass cloth
Size: 15.75 * 13 inches (40 * 33 cm)

Tips: Do not touch directly with an open flame.

5 * barbecue mat
1 * barbecue brush

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