Solar Powered Wall Lamp Led Light With Motion Sensore and UV Sanitizer SECURITY

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Solar Powered Wall Lamp Led Light With Motion Sensore and UV Sanitizer SECURITY


We have all learned how important it is to pay attention to hygiene at home and out in the open, and in addition to personal hygiene, we have learned how important it is to also sanitize the objects we use. Unfortunately, many areas and surfaces of our home such as tables, desks and cushions, hide harmful microorganisms which could threaten our health. For this reason, every precaution taken to protect both ours and our family members' health is never too much.

ProduceShop comes to the rescue with the new, portable SECURITY germicidal lamp with UV rays, for the complete disinfection of domestic and travel surfaces.

The germicidal UV lamp is one of the most requested devices of recent times precisely because its technology uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize personal objects and domestic surfaces, effectively killing pathogens present on the affected area. This ultraviolet light sterilization tool is widely used as a method that contributes to sanitizing environments and objects with a level of efficacy equal to 99.9%. How many of you have happened to go to a dental office and notice tools and utensils exposed to UV light precisely for sterilization needs? Here, the UV SECURITY germicidal lamp uses the same sterilization method called ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVGI): the bulbs in the device emit UV-C ultraviolet rays that affect most microorganisms and pathogens such as viruses or bacteria potentially dangerous to humans making them harmless. The use of the UV rays emitted by the germicidal lamp is also recommended as a method to thoroughly clean masks or other protective devices already used previously: its use is indicated above all on inorganic objects that we frequently use during the day, such as our smartphone, computer keyboard, glasses, house keys, coins, banknotes, or other everyday objects that we also carry near the face and that we want to sterilize.

Its effectiveness depends on two factors, the exposure time and the proximity to the light source: the longer your items are exposed to UV light, the better the effect, also, the closer the source of the UV-C will be, the more the sterilization will be effective. With this in mind, the UV SECURITY antibacterial lamp represents one of the most effective sterilization devices on the market by carrying out 3 functions in 1: in addition to the sanitizing action, once inserted in the special wall charger the lamp acts as a fixed device and will be able to pleasantly illuminate your exterior by automatically charging through sunlight; it can also be used in emergencies as a portable lamp by simply removing it from the charger. In short, practical and easy to handle, this lamp has the great advantage of being able to be used anywhere and at will to sanitize the most frequented rooms of your home and to disinfect your everyday objects; alternatively it can be used, for example, in the car to sterilize seats, cushions and head rests, making the passenger compartment safer and more livable.

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Technical features:

  • Dimensions: 7,2x8x22,5cm (depth, width, height)
  • UV-C ultraviolet sterilization principle
  • It widely kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Portable 3 in 1 device
  • Wall lamp
  • Automatically turn off UV-C scanning near eyes
  • Solar and USB wall charger


  • Attributes Movement detector
  • ManoMano Reference ME23600391
  • SKU LS1500TAK