Spray paint Plasti Dip Satin white aluminium 400 ml

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Spray paint Plasti Dip Satin white aluminium 400 ml


Overview :
Presentation : Plasti Dip Satin white aluminium aerosol paint 400 ml, the undisputed reference for effortlessly repainting all surfaces! Plasti Dip is an ultra-resistant liquid elastomer coating. Flexible, soft and resistant, it does not crack, does not crack and gives adhesion. It is resistant to mildew, small impacts, scratches and scuffs, abrasion, sea water, weathering, electric arcs, corrosion and even Karcher! It can be applied to any surface without any preparation other than simple degreasing. It air dries in 30 minutes and can be removed very easily without any trace or damage to paint and varnish. Application : The Plasti Dip is used to cover, decorate, protect, seal, identify, insulate phonically and electrically, seal... in a wide variety of sectors such as aeronautics, automotive, watchmaking, etc... Instructions for use : Shake vigorously for at least 1 minute as soon as the ball starts to move. Spray the surface to be treated in a back and forth movement at a distance of 20 to 30 cm. Wait at least 30 minutes between coats Apply as many coats as necessary (a minimum of 3 coats is recommended) Wait at least 4 hours for complete drying. Tips for use : Hide the parts to be protected if necessary Use the aerosol in dry, windless conditions in a well-ventilated area. Store the aerosol in a dry place. Use the aerosol only for its intended purpose. Features : Color : black Finish: metallised Packaging: spray Capacity: 400 ml Coverage: 3m². Opacity (tested with black): achieved with 4 layers Anti-release power: excellent Tensile strength (according to ASTM D-638 2.6 daN/m²): excellent Elongation (according to ASTM D-638): 430%. Cut resistance (according to ASTM D-1044): excellent Stone abrasion: excellent Chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, sea water, chlorine or caustic ammonia solutions: excellent. Chemical resistance to oil and acetone: low Insulating properties according to ASTM D-149: 1200 V/mm Operating temperature: from -34°C to +93°C Shore A hardness (according to ASTM D-2240): 70 Viscosity at 25°: from 80 to 100 Krebs Units Salt spray resistance (according to ASTM B-117): over 1000 hours Weather resistance (according to ASTM G-53): 7 to 10 years Dust permeability (according to ASTM E-96): 0.03 grains / square foot / hour Use Plasti Dip products with care. Read the label and product information before use.
Product specification :

  • Brand PLASTI DIP
  • Color Black
  • Appearance Satin
  • ManoMano Reference ME25638623
  • SKU 11351-6