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vhbw Filter Set compatible with Zehnder ComfoAir Q 350, Q 450 Ventilation Devices - Air Filter G4 / F7 (4-Part Kit), 50 x 16 x 4 cm, White

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vhbw - the clever way

G4 / F7 filter in 4-part pack for your ventilation appliance

With this replacement filter from vhbw your ventilation device is ready for use again. The coarse dust filter (G4) removes hair, insects, sand and other coarse dust from the air drawn into the unit. The pollen filter (F7) provides additional protection from fine dust and pollen.

The filters can be inserted quickly and without tools into the slide compartment of the ventilation unit. To maintain the filter performance of your fan, the filters should be changed regularly.

PLEASE NOTE: The air direction is marked on the filter elements.

- 2x filter F7
- 2x filter G4

- Dimensions (L x W x D): ca. 50 x 16 x 4 cm
- Filter class: G4 / F7
- Type: pollen filter / coarse dust filter
- Folding: Z-Line
- Material: synthetic fibre
- Colour: white
- Weight: 319 g

- Zehnder ComfoAir Q 350
- Zehnder ComfoAir Q 450

- Zehnder 400502013

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