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Exterior roller shutter : make the right choice

Roller shutters offer an alternative to traditional swing shutters. Made of aluminium or PVC, these devices may be automated and are used to secure the home as well as insulate it from the cold, heat and noise.

Roller shutters come in a range of materials.
PVC models are cheaper to purchase initially. The slats alone are made of PVC while the frame is made of aluminium, like other models. Rolling shutters made from this material offer good thermal insulation. This will allow you to save money on your heating bills.
Aluminium models are generally chosen for their style (wide choice of colours). They are also highly resistant to weathering and UV rays. As a result, they have a long long service life.

There are several different ways of installing roller shutters.
The traditional method consists in building the roller system directly into the wall. In this case, the shutter is installed under the lintel. This set-up is better suited to new buildings due to the masonry work required. However, this type of installation is more attractive.
Facade or surface mounting prevents you from blocking out the light. This method consists in installing the box on the outside of the building above the window.
Roller shutters installed in the window frame itself offer the option to install the casing inside or outside. In the first case, the slats are installed far from the window as the roller box is facing inwards. In the second case, the box is facing outwards and the slats are closer to the window.

Roller shutters can be opened and closed by means of a automated system.
This system allows you to open the shutters without opening the window. This feature maximises comfort, especially in winter.
Wired models can be operated using a button or a switch connected to the motor by cable.
Models that offer remote opening do not require a cable. This system means the user won't have to get up to close the shutter.
Some models can be connected to a programmer for automatic opening and closing at set times.
Smart models allow the user to open or close the shutters remotely (via smartphone, for example).

In summary, your choice of roller shutter will depend on the type of home it will be installed in (new construction or renovation), as well as the level of comfort you're after (manual opening by pulley or crank handle, wired, remote control or smart automation, etc.).