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Exterior wood stain : make the right choice

Protect your wood and tint it at the same time? Yes, it's possible thanks to our large range of oil or water based wood stain! ManoMano offers you plenty of colours - light oak, dark oak, pine or even clear - and big brands such as Cuprinol, Sikkens or Ronseal! And all of this to take care of your wood!

To protect against wear, get some wood stain! Indeed, the best way to breathe new life into your garden furniture or the wooden slats of your terrasse is to repaint them and protect them at the same time to protect against damage. What differenciates wood stain to wood dye is the added protection that it gives to wood: even if the dye deeply pentrates the wood, the latter is only decorative.

Wood stains are products which are clear or tinted which are absorbed deep into the wood all the while protecting it. Thus prolonging the life of your wooden deck slats or garden furniture thanks to the stain which waterproofs and weatherproofs the wood. For outdoors, it's an ideal product, as it protects the wood from mould, insects and stops the wood from greying when exposed to UV rays.

It can be applied either with a traditional paint brush, with a paint roller or by spraying the product with a paint gun. Furthermore, stains are a simple way to restore your wood: no need to sand down the surface if you wish to reapply a new or similar product to your wood.

The protection given by wood stain is nonetheless not as strong as that given by a sealer or traditional wood treatment that can be found in the category « Wood treatment and maintenance ».

Now, pick your stain! How? For the composition of your stain, there are either oil based stains, or water based stains. Oil based have an excellent covering power and can be cleaned away using white spirit whereas acrylic stains are great as they do not give off any particular odours, dry quickly and can be cleaned away with water.
For the finish, satin wood stain is the most often used as it is easy to clean and looks great. However, if you want to camouflage the grain of your wood, it's best to whoose a matt stain whihc is perfectly adapted to hide any imperfections.