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Inflatable hot tubs

Inflatable hot tubs : make the right choice

Inflatable hot tubs: rest and relaxation on a budget An inflatable hot tub can be a great way to relax and unwind, and it needn't cost the earth! However, there are a few criteria to consider to pick the perfect hot tub for your needs. Your hot tub should be chosen with some key factors in mind: - design: in terms of shape, colour, cladding and lighting; - controls: i.e. water or air jets; - practicality: i.e. number of seats and size; - accessories and additional features: e.g. headrests, heated covers, surround seats, control panels, drinks holders, and so on. Inflatable hot tubs: style meets function While they can be a little noisy to start up, inflatable hot tubs are easy to install and very hardwearing. Designed for a relaxing, spa-like experience, inflatable hot tubs are much more affordable than hard shell models – these days, there's a model for every budget! To ensure your hot tub blends in perfectly with your home, patio or garden, there are a few aesthetic criteria to bear in mind: - colour: from charcoal grey, beige and brown to faux rattan or wood, there is a wide range of colours and finishes on offer to ensure your hot tub won't look out of place; - shape: square, oval, round, hexagonal... your choice will all depend on your tastes as well as the requirements of your space; - lighting: ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere, some hot tubs come with built-in lights so you can relax right into the evening; - cladding: some hot tubs come with timber cladding for a more attractive finish; It's worth noting that it is also possible to buy ready-to-install cladding to match the dimensions of your hot tub. Some models even come fitted with little shelves which can be used to hold drinks and other items. Water jets vs. air jets In order to make the most of your relaxing hot tub sessions, it's important to choose the right type of controls. There are two basic systems available. Air jet hot tubs These hot tubs feature built-in air nozzles which send out tiny bubbles for a serious bubble bath and a sure fire way to relax your muscles and eliminate toxins. This system is generally used the most affordable hot tubs. Water jet hot tubs The system of choice in high-end hot tubs, water jets are often combined with bubble jets. Hydro massage jets are sent out through rotating nozzles for spa therapy in the comfort of your own home. Hot tub sizes The size of your hot tub must be planned in accordance with the size of your household or number of intended users. - two-person hot tubs accommodate two adults in dual lounger seats; these models are the smallest inflatable hot tubs available; - four-person, standard-sized hot tubs accommodate two adults sitting upright and two children in lounger seats; - six-person hot tubs accommodate four adults and two children or two adults and four children; - eight to ten-person hot tubs are designed to accommodate eight to ten people sitting upright or less in loungers; these models are basically swimming pools with air and water jets! If you are buying anything bigger than a two-person hot tub, make sure that you have enough space available and that the floor is able to withstand the weight. A concrete slab foundation is a must in this case. Inflatable spa accessories and additional features Like any therapeutic bath, inflatable hot tubs can be equipped with a range of additional accessories depending on your budget and the experience you're after. Protective covers A protective cover is highly recommended to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your hot tub and to help your hot tub heat up more quickly. Round or square hot tub covers are readily available. Headrests It is advisable to go for an ergonomically designed hot tub with headrests for enhanced comfort – with neck care sorted, you can enjoy your hot tub therapy all the more! Surround seats Looking for an even more functional hot tub? Some models can be fitted with a surround seat to lay down your towels or use as you get out the tub. These seats or benches tend to follow the shape of the hot tub for a sleeker finish. Hot tub control panels Control panels are used to control the intensity of the jets, bubble distribution or even to turn lights on and off. Most control panels allow you to control the water temperature from your seat without having to get up. Completely waterproof, these control panels provide unbeatable comfort and safety. Inflatable drinks holders Inflatable drinks holders can be used to maximise relaxation and space around the hot tub. These drinks holders are designed to slot onto the edge of your hot tub meaning you can sip your cocktail without having to move a muscle – and what could be more relaxing than that? Chromotherapy Chromotherapy is a form of colour therapy that can be a great addition to whirlpool baths and hot tubs. LED colour schemes are used to create an invigorating or restorative experience.

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