3 x Property 600 metre Wireless UltraCom4 Intercom with Electronic Door Latch - No Battery Back Up Please [006-1860]

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3 x Property 600 metre UltraCom4 Wireless Intercom & Electronic Door Latch, designed for use on a Single Entrance shared by Three Properties, ideal for use on Apartments & Flats.

Supplied with:

  • 1 x 3 x Property Caller Station.
  • 3 x Portable Handsets (one for each property, although more can be added).
  • 3 x Portable Handset Charging Cradles.
  • 3 x 3-pin Chargers for the Portable Handsets (2-pin available upon request).
  • 1 x Electronic Locking Latch Kit.
  • 1 x 12v 3-pin Power Supply.

How It Works:

The Caller Station has four name plates available (you would use three of these for this system), the visitors would simply press the Button next to the Name Plate which would call the portable handset (or handsets) inside the appropriate apartment. The person answering will open up audio communication using the handset with the visitor, and be able to operate the Electronic Lock with a press of a button on the same handset.

The quality Electronic Door Lock has the following features:

  • Internal Manual Release Knob.
  • External Key Release (3 x keys supplied).
  • Designed to be fitted into the Door Frame (easier to install).
  • Magnetic Door Closed Safety feature (lock will not engage until the door is closed).
  • Adjustable Lock duration times (1 - 8 seconds).
  • Flush Fitting with a Stainless Steel Cover.
  • Works on 12v or 24v DC (12v Transformer supplied).

Power Supply:

The Caller Station & Latch needs to be powered by 12v DC (a 3-pin plug in transformer is supplied).

The additional Battery Back up option (see drop down) on the Caller Station would allow users to Communicate in the event of a Power Failure, although the electronic switching of the lock would not operate in this mode.

If the battery back up option is selected, it will consist of 4 x AA batteries (not re-chargeable) which would be supplied.

Portable Handsets:

The Portable Handsets supplied for each Property include a charging cradle & plug in charger, once charged they are fully portable, you can also purchase multiple handsets which will allow each property to answer the caller from multiple locations together with being able to communicate with each other from room to room, they also include the following features:

  • Chime, Vibration & Flashing Alert.
  • Volume Control.
  • Multiple Handset Use (no limit).
  • Handset to Handset Communication (once in communication a secure network is established).
  • Door or Gate Release Functions (when answering the call).
  • Ability to communicate and operate two Caller Stations (front and back entrances).
  • Ability to operate the first Caller Station without having to communicate with the Caller Station.
  • Battery Level Indicator.
  • Front & Rear Gate Indicator: Yes.
  • Push to Talk Feature (results in further wireless communication).
  • Missed Call Indicator.
  • 600 metre Operating Range (line of sight).

You can also add a second Caller Station for applications needing communication from front and back entrances, these can be:

  • A 4 way Caller Station (006-1840).
  • A single Caller Station with No Keypad.
  • A single Caller Station with Keypad.

Caller Station:

The Caller Station can be used with up four different properties, although each property can have multiple handsets if required, please see the following features:

  • Weatherproof Caller Station.
  • Name Plates Light Up During The Dark.
  • Powered by 12v DC.
  • Optional Battery Back Up (for communication only).
  • Clear & Secure 600 metre (line of sight) Digital Communication.
  • Gate & Door Lock Release Outputs: Momentary N/O & N/C.
  • Ability to release Front Gate without communicating with Visitors.
  • Option to use a second Caller Stations: Factory Setting Only.
  • Optional Aerial Connector (ideal for mounting an external aerial onto the rear of a gate post or wall).
  • Momentary N/O going N/C on Caller Station (for the duration of the Intercom calling the Handset).


There are two Aerials available, one built into the Caller Station, and an optional External model which is designed to be fitted onto the back of the Gate Post etc, we would recommend using the External Aerial connection for most Gate applications.

Wireless Operating Range:

The Wireless Operational range between the Caller Stations and Portable Handsets is 600 metres (line of sight), which equates to around 200 - 300 metres in most applications, the use of the External Aerial will help if the Caller Station is mounted on a thick Gate Post or Wall.

A very competitive Wireless Intercom for use on 2 to 4 properties, ideal for small Gated Communities of small blocks of Flats.

Option Extras:

The following accessories can be added to the Wireless Intercom System, including:

  • Booster Aerial (often fitted to the rear of a gatepost or pillar to optimize the wireless operating range).
  • Additional Portable Handsets.
  • One additional Caller Station.
  • Relays.
  • Booster Aerial Extension Cables.


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