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35-50mm Heavy Duty Support Pedestal for Decking - Wallbarn

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Product details
  • Height
  • Use
    Ledger board (wood, composite)
  • Weight
    683 kg
  • warranty
    15 years

Wallbarn TD Minipad ultra low height pads for decking stocked in UK. Fully adjustable height support pedestal for bracing joist in decking projects. Delivery within 48 hours of order.

They have been developed for decking projects where restricted and very low height thresholds exist but millimetre precise changes to height are required to achieve completely flat and seamless finish. They support decking joists on flat roofs , balconies, terraces and podium decks.

Wallbarn has the most comprehensive range of height of pedestals in UK.

From 10mm up to 40mm, Minipads are designed so manual adjustment at ultra low thresholds is made easy. At 10 to 20mm, the thread allows 5mm of change to the level with a 5mm extension plate which is fitted to the bottom of the pedestal.

Special handle grips have been incorporated into the design to help installers fit their fingers into this tight gap and can turn the pedestal to adjust the height. Adjustment can be made whilst the slab is in situ, so delays by constantly lifting the slab to change the height are avoided.

TD Minipads help to achieve a better aesthetic when building decking surfaces by allowing flatter upper surfaces but allowing rainwater to drain between and under the deck boards and timber joists. This means there is less standing water on the surface. The cavity created helps to ventilate the structure and as no timber is left in permanent standing water, the lifespan of the decking is extended. The cavity also allows services such as pipes and cables to be hidden from view.

Wallbarn recommends that TD Minipads should be positioned a maximum of 600mm apart. This is a semi-suspended system, the timber joists will sit between 60mm wide positioning lugs / fins. The joists should be strong enough to support the decking and the weight of any traffic / furniture. The joists should be connected to form a grid framework and the deck boards – the surface – should be mechanically fixed to the frame.

They are the fast and easy way to lay suspended paving and decking systems.

Technical Information

Material : 

Virgin fibre injection moulded polypropylene

Weight Tolerance :


Max Temperature :

Plus 75° C

Min Temperature : 

Minus 40°C

Base Plate Diameter : 


Headpiece Diameter : 


Distance Between Lugs / Fins: 60mm

Height of Fins: 16mm