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39" Bird Cage Parrot Canary Large Cockatiel House with Toys - White

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Are you looking for a suitable cage for your pet? This 39" Portable Bird Cage Pet Supplies Metal Cage with Open Play Top is great for activity and mental stimulation in your pet bird. The interactive access doors allow for the ability to easily add toys and treats into the cage. Also included is a pop-up play top and multipurpose large front door for playtime outside of the cage, as well as three wood perches and four food and watering cups for your bird's feeding needs. Moreover, you can draw out the bottom tray of this cage and clean it. So what are you waiting for? Just buy it to your beloved pet!

1. Made of high quality material, sturdy, durable and environmentally friendly
2. Suitable for small and medium parrots
3. The oversized space allows multiple parrots to live together
4. The easy-opened door can easily place toys and food
5. It equipped with sturdy wood stand pole and environmentally feeding cup
6. Interactive bird cage is great for activity and mental stimulation in your pet
7. Features a sliding bottom tray for easy clean up
8. Three new toys can attract the attention of birds and increase activity

1. Tray Material: ABS Plastic
2. Cage Material: Iron
3. Color: White
4. Dimensions: (16.93 x 14.17 x 39.37)" / (43 x 36 x 100)cm (L x W x H)
5. Weight: 36.37lb / 6.5kg
6. Wire spacing£º10mm

Package Includes:
1 x Cage
3 x Wood Perches
4 x Food Cups
3 x Toy

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