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5pcs SabreCut 5.5mm x 260mm PGM Approved SDS Bits - SDSC55_5

Product out of stock
Product out of stock
Product details
  • Kind
    Masonry bit
  • Material
    Solid carbide
  • Drilling diameter
    5.5 mm

Package Contents:

  • 5.5mm x 260mm (SDSC55_5) PGM approved SDS drill bit x 5


  • PGM Certified for accuracy and secure fixings
  • Available in the following lengths of 160, 210, 260, 310 and 460mm
  • Resistant against reinforced concrete
  • Full carbide tip with cantering tip for precise drilling
  • Vortex flute for efficient dust removal
  • Manufactured with high grade chrome vanadium steel with reinforced core section
  • Suitable for high speed drilling
  • Longer service life compared to standard SDS drill bits

What is PGM?

The PGM® mark (Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer) is a German certification mark found on masonry and SDS drill bits around the world.

The PGM certification board sets out strict guidelines that drill bits and manufacturers must adhere and comply to receive the stamp of certification.

This ensures that the drill bit geometry is correct to form a perfect hole for fixing. When using a non-PGM certified drill bit, the hole may not be perfect and may be irregular in shape and size, resulting in the fixing that is used in the hole, failing at some point (even if it seems like the fixing fits).

All our PGM approved SDS drill bits bear the PGM mark with the exception of the drill bits with a diameter of 5.5mm and 6.5mm.


SDS & SDS+ Drills - All our SCR-X SDS+ PGM certified drill bits are fully compatible with all SDS & SDS+ drills

SDS Max - You will need an SDS Max to SDS Plus Adaptor to use our SCR-X SDS+ PGM certified drill bits on your SDS Max drill. They will not fit without it.