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Air Grinder Micro Mini Pencil Polishing Rotary Cutting Tool With Oil Bottle + 2 Chuck + 2 Remove Keys Hasaki

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Micro-air grinder pencil + oil bottle + 2 chuck + 2 remove keys + instruction |?Free speed: 65,000 rpm |?Atmospheric pressure: 90 PSI |?Chuck size: 2.38mm (1/10 & quot;) and 3mm (1/8 & quot;) |?Grip: Pencil |?Air hose: 1/4 ''

Package included:
1 x micro-air grinder pencil
1 x bottle of oil
2 x mandrel < br /> 2 x remove keys
1 x instruction

Free speed: 65,000 rpm
Atmospheric pressure: 90 PSI
Size of the mandrel: 2.38 mm (1/10 & quot;) and 3 mm (1/8 & quot;)
Grip: Pencil
Air hose: 1/4 & quot;

Portable size, light weight, pen-shaped design, easy to use with one hand.
High speed rotation of 65,000 rpm, adapts to the machining of precision at high speed.
Has an extremely flexible hose with abrasion protection that allows you to reach the most difficult areas.
air exhaust from the rear to prevent debris from fly or scatter, low noise.
Easy to use, easy to assemble and disassemble.
Ideal for cleaning and polishing?jewelry, carrying cyline heads, dies or any amateur or craft use.

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