RÖHR WSME-250 - ARC TIG Welder Inverter MMA Gas / Gasless 240V 250amp DC “4 in 1” Machine

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RÖHR WSME-250 - ARC TIG Welder Inverter MMA Gas / Gasless 240V 250amp DC “4 in 1” Machine


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Röhr WSME-250

When it comes to designing and manufacturing welders, Röhr have extensive, unparalleled knowledge. They combine breakthrough technologies to produce some of the most advanced and capable welding machines on the market.

Röhr welders are easy to use and perfectly suited to experienced and new users alike. You can carry out a huge range of welding including vehicle's, fabrication, house maintenance or more unconventional work where specialist materials require more advanced features. Whether it's aluminium bike frames or a revived passion for steel sculpture, there's a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!



  • Runs off a Standard UK Plug 240V AC
  • Input Current 21a / Output Current 5a - 250a
  • AC Pulse Duty 20% - 80% / ARC Current 5a - 200a
  • Transfer Efficiency over 85%
  • Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
  • Power Factor 0.93
  • Insulation Grade F / Housing Protection Grade IP21
  • Duty Cycle 60% / No-Load Voltage: 56V

The WSME-250 Gives you Röhr Quality

Exceed your Expectations

Röhr welders are built to last with high quality components that will ensure reliability for occasional or regular users. This welder uses the latest inverter technologies to dramatically reduce overall footprint. Inverters dramatically reduce the power required to weld by increasing efficiency by 30% and they produce a consistent power supply giving you the most stable welding arc.

Perfect for a Wide Variety of Welding

This welder is multi-use so you can weld stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, copper and other coloured metals.

Quad "4-in-1" Portable Functionality

This welder has an extensive range of features. It can be used for TIG Argon Gas or MMA Arc welding. It also has AC / DC and 2T / 4T funtions. The unit produces neat welds that leave you in no doubt that this high quality welder is designed by Röhr.

The Latest MOSFET Technology


The MOSFET transistor helps to provide the highest standard of performance combined with a compact and lightweight design. The result is 85% efficiency! The welding current is very stable and thus ensures a perfect weld every time.

Featuring ARC Force and Hot Start


With ARC Force, the current increases automatically when the arc is shorter. Hot Start automatically boosts the tension at the ignition of the arc, this function facilitates the electrical arc ignition. After ignition, the unit automatically returns to the pre-set voltage.

TIG and MMA Welding


TIG is a welding method in which the arc is maintained through an electrical current supplied from a non-consumable electrode. The arc is protected from the access of air by an inert gas. MMA is electrode welding with a coated electrode.

High Frequency Start


A non-contact high-frequency ignition in TIG mode ensures a cleaner weld starting point.

TIG AC/DC Mode Switch


TIG welding is divided into AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding. This allows for additional welding functionality such as welding aluminium.



This function helps to prevent overheating of the electrode by switching off the welding current when the electrode sticks to the material.

2-Stroke and 4-Stroke


2-Stroke: start the weld by placing pressure on the torch button. Stop the process by releasing the button.

4-Stroke: by pressing the torch button the solenoid valve opens. allowing the gas to flow in. The gas pre-flow ignites the arc at the pre-set current. Releasing the burner button initiates a rise in the current to that of the pre-set welding current. The welding process stops once you press the burner button again.

Pulse Function


his function reduces the heat to the material. It is primarily suitable for welding thin plates.

Stick Weld Clamp 2.5m


Earthing Clamp 2.5m


Enhanced TIG Gun 4m


Other Parts and Accessories


Röhr Welders Come with a Variety of Accessories

When you buy Röhr, you will get the full package with a range of accessories to suit your welding needs. The welder comes with a welding mask, cleaning brush, 3 x ceramic cups, 3 x collets (2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm), 1 x blue collar and a bag to store your accessories. Also the unit has a 1.5m electric cord so you can position your welder in a convenient place.

Expert technical support by qualified technicians


Expert technical support by qualified technicians



Our complete range of spare parts and official accessories
  • Brand RÖHR
  • Frequency of use Profesionnal / Occasional
  • Warranty 1 year
  • ManoMano Reference ME14623026

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