Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap

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•  Stylish chrome finished bath and shower tap combo for a modern look
•  Constructed from solid brass for long-lasting durability and pleasing feel to operate
•  Several layers of chrome plating add finesse and flair to any bathtub
•  Smooth finish is gorgeous to look at and easy to clean
•  Diverter facilitates shower or tap use for ease of operation
•  Includes 1.5m shower hose and hand shower holder.
•  Comes with a brilliant ten-year guarantee Decisions, decisions. The daily choice between the speedy efficiency of a scalding hot shower or the delicious decadence of a relaxing bath can be a tough one to consider – which is why it’s best to have both bases covered. With the Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap combo, now you can put off such an arduous decision until the last moment, since with the flick of a switch the water is diverted from the taps below to the shower head up high. If you really want, you can even indulge in both a bath and shower at the same time as the shower head can be removed from its holder and used in the bath for the ultimate in versatility!

With several layers of chrome plating covering this one-stop solution for your bathing needs, the Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap is sure to add a touch of class to your bathroom through its sleek, shiny appearance. The smooth finish is highly reflective and instantly eye-catching, as well as being incredibly easy to clean… but don’t be fooled by that shiny exterior. Underneath, the taps are built from solid brass materials, meaning they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting, and impart a reassuring weight to the touch. The quarter-turn ceramic disc technology is a further deterrent against wear and tear, reducing the strain on the unit itself and on your wrists in its operation.

What’s more, the multiple chrome layers discourage discolouration on the unit and increase its shelf-life, meaning it’ll look as glorious and glamorous as the day of installation for many moons to come. The two handle design makes it incredibly easy to adjust both flow and temperature – simply move the left tap outwards to increase the flow of hot water, while doing the same to the right one will cool things down with a spurt of cold. Meanwhile, the centrally-located diverter pin can be pulled upwards to divert the water stream to the shower head or returned to its downward position to fill up the tub. This ease of operation makes this bath shower mixer tap ideal for use by all the family.

The unit is suitable for all kinds of plumbing systems, making it the perfect choice for every bathtub regardless of size, space and individual circumstances. It comes equipped with an additional ABS shower handset for increased versatility, connected to the central unit via a 1.5m flexible hose to meet the needs of bathers both tall and petite. It also comes complete with all of the necessary mounting accoutrements, so that you can install both the main tap unit and the shower head holder wherever you feel is most appropriate in next to no time.

Architeckt take pride in imbuing all of their products with the utmost quality and precision, and simultaneously prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. With that in mind, every Architeckt Ibbardo Bath Shower Mixer Tap comes with an incredible ten-year guarantee as standard, so you can simply let all of your worries melt away… except for one. Which is it to be, bath or shower? The choice is all yours.  

Bath Shower Mixer Tap with Shower Head Included

You don’t need to suffer when it comes to getting convenience in your bathroom. Choosing between fitting a bath or a shower is tough, with everyone in your house wanting something different. Those days are over though because you don’t need to choose any more. Not with this beautiful bath shower mixer tap. It comes complete with a shower head and hose so you can quickly and easily choose between a quick, refreshing shower or a long, relaxing soak in the bath.  

Twin Lever Taps

Finely tuning the perfect water temperature can sometimes be a bit tricky. Adjusting the lever bit by bit is frustrating and unnecessary especially when a twin lever tap can do this for you much more efficiently. One lever controls the hot and the other the cold to bring perfect harmony to your bathroom.  

Reliable Ceramic Cartridges

Are dripping taps starting to drive you crazy? Drip, drip, dripping at all hours of the day? If this sounds familiar then you need to upgrade! This stylish tap contains a ceramic cartridge which provides long-lasting reliability and a smoother quarter-turn action for easier operation. It's never been easier to acheive the temperature and flow you need!  

Solid Brass Body

Is your bathroom feeling a bit tired and worn out? Is the quality of the previous owners taps lacking? A good quality, long-lasting tap needs to be made from a good quality, long-lasting material. And that material is brass. This tap is made from solid brass, precision machined to work flawlessly, and finished to an impeccable standard. It will give you bathroom an expensive, high-quality feel that won’t be beaten.    

Polished Chrome Finish

If your old taps are starting to tarnish and no amount of chrome cleaner is bringing them back to life then you really deserve to refresh them. Old, well-used taps can really let down the overall look of your bathroom so bring yours back to life with a simple swap. This particular tap will bring a new element of style to your bathroom with it’s gorgeous, polished chrome finish. Pair it with some new accessories for the perfect contemporary look.    

Modern Square Styling

Take the overall appearance of your bathroom to a new level by improving the look of your taps. This tap is the perfect complement for your modern bathroom with striking looks, square edges, and a contemporary design to suit any space you have.  

10 Year Guarantee as Standard

High-quality parts and precision engineering put these products together and we want you to be confident of that, so to put your mind at ease we cover you with a 10 year long guarantee.  




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Our Architeckt range of products are the perfect combination of performance, style and affordability. There is an array of products including, showers, taps and bathroom accessories. Picking the correct products for your home is absolutely crucial to the overall look, that is why we have such a large selection that are built using high quality materials.