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Bamny Trolley Charcoal Grill XXL, with 3 Grill Grates, Thermometer, Ashtray, Shelves with Hooks, Adjustable Charcoal Tray & Ventilation, 2 Wheels, Large Grill Area(113x53.5x100 cm)

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Product out of stock
Product details
  • Basin material
  • Attributes
    Thermometer, Ventilation
  • Function
    Portable BBQ
  • Shape

★【Height-adjustable Charcoal Sheet, Adjustable Vents and Thermometer】 With the handle you can easily adjust the height of the charcoal sheet & the temperature of the grill during grilling in order to achieve the best performance. 4 adjustable ventilation openings ensure air balance when grilling. The temperature can be checked at any time using the thermometer on the lid, which is very convenient.

★【Large Grill Surface】 A total of 578 square inches of cooking surface, including 375 square inches of enamel grill grate (2 grill grates: 2 x 28.5 * 42.5 cm) and 203 square inch stainless steel heating grate (smaller grate above the main grate: 53.5 * 24.5 cm ). Matt surface, black color, suitable for any place.

★【Enough Space for Preparation and Storage】 A shelf with hooks provides additional work or preparation space, e.g. B. Safe food storage. The grill cutlery can be neatly stored on the hooks on the side table. The shelf under the grill offers additional storage space, e.g. B. to store the coal there.

★【Easily Add Charcoal & Easy To Clean Ashes】 The front charcoal access door allows you to quickly add charcoal while grilling. The pull-out ashtray can collect and empty ashes and is therefore easy to clean.

★【Easy to Transport, Practical Design and Easy to Assemble】 the grill is equipped with two large wheels for easy movement and can support the weight of the grill. The dust collector with stainless steel handle and bottle opener complete the function of the grill. Stable four-legged frame. The charcoal grill cart can be assembled quickly and easily in 1 hour.