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Bath shower mixer taps are the ideal way to convert your standard bath into a shower too. They still have all the benefits of having a set of bath taps so you can fill the bath for a soak in the tub or alternatively use the diverter for a refreshing shower.

The Architeckt Osmo bath shower mixer tap features a curved spout with matching square levers for controlling the temperature and flow of both the hot and cold water. The body of the mixer is made from solid brass as it’s an extremely durable material, this is then finished with layers of stunning chrome plating to keep your new tap rust free.

Ceramic disc cartridges are used inside the Osmo bath shower mixer for effortless use and added reliability. They won’t wear out and start dripping like the traditional washers used in older or cheaper taps.

They have also been designed to work with all plumbing system types so there are no compatibility issues.

Included with your purchase are the fittings required, an installation manual and a fantastic 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Features and Benefits:
•  Contemporary bath shower mixer and showering kit.
•  Square levers and a beautifully curved spout bathroom tap design.
•  Made with solid brass and coated with layer upon layer of chrome plating. You won’t have to worry about rust or discolouration.
•  Ingenious quarter turn ceramic disc cartridges make using the mixer effortless.
•  Compatible for use with all plumbing systems.
•  G3/4 inch connection.
•  Supplied as the tap and shower kit, the fittings and an installation manual.
•  Provided with a brilliant 10 year manufacturer warranty.
Flow Rates (litres/ min):
•  0.5 bar – 25.9
•  1.0 bar – 35.8
•  3.0 bar – 44.9  

Bath Shower Mixer Tap Shower Head Included

You don’t need to suffer when it comes to getting convenience in your bathroom. Choosing between fitting a bath or a shower is tough, with everyone in your house wanting something different. Those days are over though because you don’t need to choose any more. Not with this beautiful bath shower mixer tap. It comes complete with a shower head and hose so you can quickly and easily choose between a quick, refreshing shower or a long, relaxing soak in the bath.  

Twin Lever Taps

Finely tuning the perfect water temperature can sometimes be a bit tricky. Adjusting the lever bit by bit is frustrating and unnecessary especially when a twin lever tap can do this for you much more efficiently. One lever controls the hot and the other the cold to bring perfect harmony to your bathroom.  

Reliable Ceramic Cartridge

Are dripping taps starting to drive you crazy? Drip, drip, dripping at all hours of the day? If this sounds familiar then you need to upgrade! This stylish tap contains a ceramic cartridge which provides long-lasting reliability and a smoother quarter-turn action for easier operation. It's never been easier to achieve the temperature and flow you need!  

Solid Brass Body

Is your tap feeling a bit tired and worn out? Is there a serious quality issue? A good, long-lasting tap needs to be made from a good, long-lasting material. And that material is brass. This tap is made from solid brass, precision machined to work flawlessly, and finished to an impeccable standard. It will give your home an expensive, high-quality feel that won’t be beaten.

Polished Chrome Finish

If your old taps are starting to tarnish and no amount of chrome cleaner is bringing them back to life then you really deserve to refresh them. Old, well-used taps can really let down the overall look of around your home so bring yours back to life with some simple swaps. This particular tap will bring new elements of style with it’s gorgeous, polished chrome finish. Pair it with some new accessories for the perfect contemporary look.  

Modern Square Styling

Take the overall appearance of your bathroom to a new level by improving the look of your taps. This tap is the perfect complement for your modern bathroom with striking looks, square edges, and a contemporary design to suit any space you have.  

10 Year Guarantee 

High-quality parts and precision engineering put these products together and we want you to be confident of that, so to put your mind at ease we cover you with a 10 year long guarantee.  


  Bath Shower Mixer Tap Video     [isdntekvideo]


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